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Customers that purchase electric power from TVA are interested in the CO2 intensity of the power they purchase. In addition, many stakeholders are interested in comparing the CO2 performance of various electric utilities of different sizes.

As a valuable resource to its customers and stakeholders, TVA provides as-delivered CO2 emission rates in a manner consistent with generally accepted carbon accounting standards, such as The Climate Registry’s Electric Power Sector (EPS) Protocol for the Voluntary Reporting Program and the World Resources Institute (WRI) and World Business Council for Sustainable Development’s (WBCSD) Greenhouse Gas Reporting Protocol Corporate Standard. Consistent with these widely-used standards, TVA CO2 power deliveries metrics include owned and purchased power and are reported in CO2 in order to allow customers to compile their greenhouse gas emissions by gas.

About TVA-Speclflc CO2 lbs/MWh Emission Rates

As the nation's largest public power provider, TVA delivers reliable and competitively priced electric power to 155 local power distributors, 51 large industrial customers, and 6 federal installations. For large industrial and federal customers, specific CO2 content rates for CY 2012 were made available to each customer as part of a program introduced last May 2013.

Consistent with the EPS, TVA's local power distributor CY 2013 as delivered rate is 1,048.77 lbs CO2/MWh. Large industrial and federal customers rates vary.

TVA’s as-delivered CO2 emission rates compare to the current EPA eGRID (Year 2010) national CO2 lbs/MWh rate of 1,232.35 and regional CO2 rate of 1,389.20. These rates as well as the rates for other regions of the United States can be found here.

In order to be as transparent as possible, this LPC CO2 lbs/MWh rate includes CO2 emissions only. TVA’s Scope 2 CO2 lbs/MWh rates include a 2013 REC retirement adjustment that has resulted in an additional 4.35% Scope 2 CO2 lbs/MWh rate reduction. Carbon accounting users will still need to quantify their Scope 2 emissions associated with electricity use for CH4 and N2O using their choice of default factors for these gases.

Read more about what TVA is doing to reduce emissions of CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

Carbon dioxide emissions at TVA plants

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Year Total
1995 114114470
1996 108664559
1997 108356536
1998 97411265
1999 103633836
2000 109533553
2001 106129698
2002 110168645
2003 104339526
2004 103605134
2005 105590306
2006 107810864
2007 108335238
2008 105916379
2009 76386393
2010 86727641
2011 81608801
2012 81248765
2013 72154380

Data includes 141,165 tons from units that produce less than 25 megawatts that are not required to reported to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Emissions by plant



Bull Run






John Sevier




Lagoon Creek






Widows Creek

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Emissions by type

Carbon Dioxide

Nitrogen Oxides


Sulfur Dioxide

Greenhouse Gases

Toxics Release Inventory (TRI)

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