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Natural Resource Management

Environmental Objective

TVA will be a leader in natural resource management by implementing sustainable practices in recreation while protecting cultural, heritage and ecological resources.

TVA has set aside more than 181,000 acres of public land for natural resource management, which includes the support of wildlife habitat and informal recreation. TVA manages an additional 31,000 acres for sensitive resources under restrictions on activities that might endanger cultural or natural treasures.

TVA has more archaeological sites per acre under its management than any other federal agency. Over 10,000 sites have been identified on lands managed by TVA.

TVA is committed to increasing the proportion of TVA-managed resources that meet standards for environmentally sustainable recreation, ecological diversity and protection of cultural resources. More and more residents and visitors are enjoying the diverse natural resources of the Tennessee Valley, and increased conservation practices by the public helps insure our unique and beautiful resources will be preserved for the enjoyment of generations to come.

Factors Critical for Successful Natural Resource Management

  • Promote properly managed, eco-friendly recreation balanced with the protection of biological, cultural and heritage resources.
  • Support ecological diversity and wildlife habitats on TVA lands through partnerships and voluntary initiatives.
  • Increase the level of environmental quality and management consistency among TVA-managed and –leased recreation areas.


Read more about natural resouce management in TVA's Environmental Policy


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