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Bellefonte Nuclear Plant Redress

In 1974, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) issued construction permits for two units of the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Bellefonte Nuclear (BLN) Plant in Jackson County, Alabama. TVA has decided to cancel plans for completing construction of the current design for BLN, to seek withdrawal of the construction permits from NRC and to redress the BLN site. Because there are other ongoing activities on the BLN site and because the switchyard at BLN is utilized as a substation for system operations in the region, TVA would not withdraw existing environmental permits or remove equipment associated with these other activities. Because so much of the site will be maintained, the general activities associated with the present decision involving redress of the site are relatively minor in nature and have only insignificant impacts. Equipment or structures not identified as necessary for other site activities would have the power disconnected and would either be used by TVA at other facilities, sold for reuse or abandoned in place. Any unwanted construction material or waste associated with disposition of equipment or structures would be properly disposed of in accordance with pertinent federal, state and local laws, regulations and ordinances, as well as TVA processes and procedures.


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Environmental Assessment (PDF, 632 kb)

Finding of No Significant Impact (PDF, 12 kb)


For more information or to receive a printed copy, call Bruce Yeager at 865-632-8051.

Bruce Yeager
NEPA Administration, TVA
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