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Calpine Morgan Energy Center - Request to Provide Interconnection

Final Environmental Assessment


TVA has prepared an environmental assessment of the proposed interconnection of Calpine’s Morgan Energy Center generating plant to TVA’s transmission system at General Motors Substation. TVA would construct 12.0 miles of new 161-kV transmission line on existing right-of-way and 3.8 miles on new right-of-way 100 feet in width in northern Morgan and southern Limestone counties, Alabama.


The environmental assessment can be viewed by section, as noted below (PDF files, require Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Preface (128 kb)
Includes the table of contents, a list of appendices, and a list of figures and tables.

Chapter 1: Purpose and Need for Action (184 kb)
Proposed connection of Calpine’s Morgan Energy Center to the TVA transmission system and goals of the proposal.

Chapter 2: Alternatives (392 kb)
Proposed action, description and comparison of the three alternatives, and summary of commitments and mitigation measures.

Chapter 3: Affected Environment (196 kb) 
Detailed description of the environmental setting and a discussion of the identified resources, species, and other issues of concern (see the Summary and Table of Contents for a list of all the resources evaluated).

Chapter 4: Environmental Consequences (168 kb)
Discussion of environmental consequences under the three alternatives for each specified resource.  Includes proposed mitigation measures.

Chapter 5: Supporting Information (120 kb)
List of preparers and contributors, literature cited, glossary of terms.

Appendix I (3.8 mb)

Appendix II (92 kb)
TVA Right-Of-Way Clearing Specifications

Appendix III (80 kb)
TVA Environmental Quality Protection Specifications for Transmission Line Construction.

Appendix IV (124 kb)
TVA Tranmission Construction Guidelines Near Streams

Appendix V (80 kb)
TVA Right-of-Way Vegetation Management

Appendix VI (364 kb)
Wetland Data Forms

Finding of No Significant Impact (232 kb)
Based on the final EA, TVA issued a finding of no significant impact (FONSI) on October 10, 2003.  This document explains TVA’s decision to provide interconnection between Calpine’s Morgan Energy Center and the General Motors Substation on the TVA transmission system. With mitigation to minimize impacts to an archaeological site, there will be no significant adverse impacts on the environment. The entire FONSI can be viewed here.

To request a printed copy of the final EA, including all attachments, please contact:

Anita E. Masters, Senior NEPA Specialist
Environmental Policy and Planning
Tennessee Valley Authority
1101 Market Street, MR 2T
Chattanooga, TN 37402

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