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Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) Cimarron Energy Project

Gray County, Kansas

On December 2, 2011, TVA issued a final environmental assessment (EA) and finding of no significant impact (FONSI) for the purchase of power from the Cimarron Wind Energy Project located in Gray County, Kansas. TVA proposes to enter into an agreement with CPV Cimarron Renewable Energy Company LLC, the developer of the windfarm, for the purchase of 165 MW of clean and renewable wind energy. Construction would begin in December 2011 and the windfarm would be operational by the end of 2012. The windfarm would consist of up to 72 wind turbines situated within an area of about 13,900 acres. The EA considered the impacts of two alternatives: 1) taking no action and 2) the proposed action consisting of entering into the power purchase agreement and the resulting construction and operation of the Cimarron windfarm.

TVA made the draft EA available to the public and agencies for review and comment from September 16 - October 17, 2011. TVA placed notices in local and regional news media, placed copies in local libraries and made the EA available on its external web site. TVA received 11 sets of comments from agencies and the public on the draft document. The final EA includes TVA's responses to the comments and other revisions.


PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader

Finding of No Significant Impact (PDF 45 kb)

Final Environmental Assessment (PDF 2.2 mb)

Appendix A Scoping Documentation (PDF 4.6 mb)

Appendix B Public Notice and Comments on Draft EA (PDF 1.7 mb)

Appendix C Delineation of Wetlands and Waters (PDF, 8 mb)

Appendix D Supplemental Delineation of Wetlands and Waters (PDF 1.3 mb)

Appendix E Native Grassland Survey (PDF, 791 kb)

Appendix F 2010 Spring Avian Survey (PDF 938 kb)

Appendix G 2010 Fall Avian Survey (PDF 1.2 mb)

Appendix H Bat Likelihood of Occurrence Report (PDF 419 kb)

Appendix I Whooping Crane Likelihood of Occurrence Report (PDF 4.7 mb)

Appendix J Phase I Reconnaissance Survey (PDF 3.2 mb)

Appendix K Phase II Intensive Archaeological Survey (PDF 7.1 mb)

Appendix L Supplemental Phase II Intensive Archaeological Survey (PDF 3 mb)

Appendix M Historic Architecture Reconnaissance Survey (PDF 1.9 mb)

Appendix N Supplemental Historic Architecture Reconnaissance Survey (PDF 2.1 mb)

Appendix O Comsearch Telecommunication Studies (PDF 2.7 mb)

Appendix P Turbine Model Comparison for the Avian Surveys (PDF 184 kb)

Appendix Q Section 7 Consultation Documentation (PDF 3.5 mb)

Appendix R Section 106 Consultation Documentation (PDF 176 kb)

Appendix S Aviation Systems, Inc. Feasibility Evaluation (PDF 1.1 mb)

Appendix T Determination of No Hazard (PDF 602 kb)


To request additional information or a printed or CD of the document, please contact:

Bruce L. Yeager, NEPA Program Manager
Tennessee Valley Authority
400 W. Summit Hill Drive, WT 11D
Knoxville, Tennessee 37902
Phone: 865-632-8051;
Fax: 865-632-3451


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