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Categories of Activities

Land Use and Permitting
Power Generation
River System Operation
Economic Development
Deferred and Canceled Projects

Land Use and Permitting


Athens Utilities Water and Sewer Line Crossings


Demoliton and Disposal of Buildings and Structures at the Muscle Shoals Reservation

Disposal of Landrights at Camp Breckinridge

Rogers Group, Inc. Proposed Barge Terminal

Solid Waste Management Unit 108 - Pond Creek Relocation


City of Lakesite Recreation Easement and Water Use Facilities

Huntsville Sewer Line

Kentucky Lock Addition - Modifications to Previously Approved Disposal Sites

Occidental Chemical Corporation, Barge Terminal Modification and Outfall

Pointe Marina Proposed Commercial Marina Development

Proposed Stream Modifications for Retail Development, Williamson County, Tennessee


CALX Barge Terminal 

The Cliffs at High Carolina

Kingston Fossil Plant Ash Recovery – Proposed Recreation Areas

Mallard Fox Creek Industrial Park Land Disposal (Tract No. XWR-633)

Meadowview Aquatic Center

Natural Resource Plan

Permanent Moorage of the Delta Queen Steamboat in Chattanooga

Tennessee National Marina

Watts Bar Marina and Resort Deconstruction


Candies Creek Commercial Development

Dennen Steel Land Request and Associated Industrial Development - Yellow Creek Port

Douglas and Nolichucky Tributary Reservoirs Land Management Plan

Knoxville Utilities Board Neyland Drive Proposed Sewer and Water Line Crossing

Macon County Municipal Airport Runway Extension 

Moccasin Bend Stream Bank Stabilization

Northeast Tributary Reservoirs Land Management Plan 

Norris Reservoir Land Management Plan and Environmental Assessment

Norris Reservoir Land Management Plan Reevaluation for the Recognition of Deeded Access Rights

State Route 30 Improvements Near Decatur, Tennessee

Tennessee Department of Transportation Interstate Highway 24/U.S. Highway 72 Interchange

Tennessee State Route 462 Northwest Connector 

TVA Nuclear Training Facility

Wacker Chemie Poly 11 Request for TVA Land Use and Section 26a Approval 

Washington County Service Authority Water Intake  


Black Eagle Minerals Terminal Expansion

Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Membership Corporation Proposed Substation

Bridge Replacements Over Daddy’s Creek and Obed River

Cleveland Municipal Airport

Eagles Landing Golf Course Expansion, Phase 2, Gists Creek

First Creek Drainage Improvements

Guntersville Municipal Airport — Joe Starnes Field Proposed New Runway and Airport Improvements

Hardin Bottoms - Proposed Riprap Bank Stabilization, Boat Ramps, and Infrastructure Improvements

Jefferson Park Community Facility

Nickajack Shores Holdings LLC (Rarity Club Marina)

Mountain Reservoirs Land Management Plan

Pickwick Pines Marina

Pigeon Forge Roadway Stream Encapsulations, Channel Relocations, and Wetland and Floodplain Fill

Preserve Marina Owners Association (Haw Branch, Pickwick)

River Front Development LLC – Elk River

Sailboat Hollow Development

Seven Islands Wildlife Refuge Bridge

South Harriman Baptist Church Permit Request

State Route (SR) 16/U.S. Highway (US) 41A Improvements

State Route 53 From Huntsville to Interstate 65 in Ardmore, Alabama

State Route 437 (Shelbyville Bypass) Improvements

Tennessee State Route 66 Widening From Boyds Creek Highway to North Parkway

Valley Land Company LLC

Watts Bar Reservoir Land Plan


Bluffs Community Docks

Breeze Pointe Community Docks

Cove at Blackberry Ridge

Proposed Fill for Defoors Brothers Development River Street Luxury Condominiums

Eagle’s Landing Golf Course Expansion

Erwin Marine

Gillespie Road Extension

Halls Crossroads Retail Development

Holiday Landing and Resort Expansion

Pigeon Falls Lane Stream Modifications

Pigeon Falls Village Stream Modifications

Redbud Reservoir Beech River Watershed Development Authority Land Request

Rollison Marina at Shoal Creek

Seven Falls Golf and River Club

Tennessee National Private Marina

Tennessee Valley Authority Chattanooga Office Space Replacement

University of Tennessee Golf Practice Facility and Greenway


Canebrake Club

Cherokee Valley Subdivision

Doublehead Resort Water Use Facilities

Goose Pond Island Water Use Facilities

Jagger Branch Community Dock Facilities

Koppers Coal Reserve Management Plan

Lowe’s Ferry Subdivision

Nolichucky Reservoir Flood Remediation

Northwest Tennessee Regional Port Authority

Nucor Barge Terminal Expansion

Sachs Channel Dredging

Shady Oaks Community Dock

Sugar Hollow Business Complex Easement

Tennessee State Route 15 Lawrenceburg Bypass

Two Rivers, LLC

U.S. 64 Widening

Watercress Subdivision Impoundment

Western Shores Water Use Facilities


BannerLowe Commercial Development, Avery County, NC

Bill Hawkins Impoundment

Breakers of Swan Bay

Bristol Flood Reduction

City of Sevierville Intake

City of Sevierville Intake Reevaluation

City of Sevierville Revised Finished Waterline Installation Plans

City of Sevierville Revised Intake Installation Reevaluation

City View at Riverwalk Marina Facilities

Clinton Sports Complex

Corinth Water Supply

Cornelius Channel Dredge

Kentucky Highway 80 Extension

Kingston Riverboat Dock

Laurel Marina Expansion

Little Cedar Mountain Development Proposal/Nickajack Shores

Morgan County Industrial Park Expansion

National Coal Deep Mine No. 14

Norris Watershed Land Transfer

North Toe River Bridge Replacements

ORV Program Expansion

Reducing Mammal Damage on TVA Land and at TVA Facilities in Tennessee

Regional Correctional Facility Expansion

Sevierville Events Center Complex

Shoals Landing Marina

Sinking Creek Water Intake

Tennessee State Route 33 Improvements

Tennessee State Route 91 Improvements

Thompson Creek

TWRA Yuchi Wildlife Refuge

U.S. Coal Deep Mine No. 10

U.S. Coal Deep Mine No. 11

Upper First Creek Wastewater Storage Facility

U.S. 60 Bridge Project, Paducah

Wal-Mart Johnson City

Washington County Service Authority Intake


Alabama State Route 24 Red Bay Bypass

Choto Marina Expansion

Fort Loudoun Dredge Reevaluations

Gulf Coast Development Wetland Fill and Mitigation

Koppers Coal Reserve Management Plan

Robmer Partnership Deed Modification, Chickamauga Reservoir

Spring City To Watts Bar Nuclear Plant Sewer Line Extension

U.S. 43 Bridge Replacement - Bear Creek

U.S. 64 Relocation

U.S. 64 Widening

Vulcan Little Wolf Creek Culvert Extension

Wal-Mart Love Creek


Benton-Decatur Counties Wastewater Treatment Plant, December 2004

State Route 58 Bridge Replacement, December 2004

U.S. Fence, Inc., December 2004

North Carolina State Route 1001, November 2004

Appalachian Christian Village, October 2004

Looney Island Dredge, October 2004

Madison County Airport Expansion, October 2004

Post Oak Island Dredge, October 2004

Decatur Boat Harbor, August 2004

Hallsdale-Powell Norris Water Treatment Plant, August 2004

Tennessee State Route 75 Improvements, August 2004

U.S. Coal Company OSM Permit, August 2004

White Sulphur Springs Cabin Site, August 2004

Section and Dutton (AL) Water Treatment Plant Expansion, July 2004

Sequoyah Lodge and Lake Resort, Tellico Reservoir, July 2004

Triple Bar J Marina, July 2004

Word and Boggus Lindsey Harbor Development, July 2004

Goose Pond Island, July 2004

Reducing Bird Damage on TVA Land and at TVA Facilities in Tennessee, June 2004

Agricultural Licensing Renewal, May 2004

TN State Route 36 Improvements, April 2004

Nolichuckey Sand Company Bird Bridge Dredge, April 2004

Hallsdale-Powell Utility District, April 2004

Tennessee State Route 449 – Middle Creek Road, March 2004

Parsons, Tennessee, Water Intake Structure and Distribution Pipeline, February 2004

US 25E-Clinch River Section 26A Approval, February 2004

Knox County, TN, Deed Restriction Removal, Fort Loudoun Reservoir, January 2004

Reducing Aquatic Rodent Damage on TVA Land, January 2004


Johnson City, TN, Customer Service Center Auction Sale, December 2003

TN State Route 61, Union and Grainger Counties, November 2003

Palank Request for 26a Permit, Nottely Reservoir, November 2003

Martin Road Bridges, Madison County, AL, October 2003

Tellico Reservoir Rarity Point Developments, September 2003

Lakeshore Park Foreshore Dike, Fort Loudoun Reservoir, September 2003

Grant, AL, Wastewater Outfall, Guntersville Reservoir, August 2003

Franklin County, AL, Water Service Authority, June 2003

Oral Rabies Vaccination Program, June 2003 (PDF, 32 kb)

River Heritage Hotel, Wilson Dam Reservation, May 2003

Forest Crossing RV Campground, Kentucky Reservoir, April 2003

Russelville, AL, Water Intake, Cedar Creek Reservoir, April 2003

Hallsdale-Powell Utility District, Melton Hill Reservoir, March 2003

Private Water Use Facilites on the French Broad River, March 2003

Shields Creek Crappie Impoundment, Cherokee Reservoir, January 2003

TN Route 13 Duck River Bridge, Humphreys County, January 2003

U.S. 25 Stream Crossings, Claiborne County, TN, January 2003


Sunset Bay Residential Development, Norris Reservoir, November 2002

TN State Route 91, Carter County, November 2002

Southeast Tissue Company, Pickwick Reservoir, September 2002

Decatur Creek and Left Fork Rock Creek Crossings, McMinn and Meigs Counties, TN, September 2002

Pickwick Reservoir Land Management Plan, August 2002

Boone Reservoir Resource Management Plan, August 2002

U.S. 321 Dudley Creek Crossings, Sevier County, TN, July 2002

Calvert/Marshall County Port, KY, June 2002

Alabama Department of Conservation Wildlife Management Areas Easements, June 2002

Pennycuff Dry Storage, Norris Reservoir, June 2002

Upper Bear Creek Reservoir Bridges and Stream Crossings, May 2002

Bent Creek Crossing, Buncombe County, NC, May 2002

U.S. 231 Bridges, Wheeler Reservoir, May 2002


Bear Creek Reservoirs Land Management Plan, March 2001

Cherokee Reservoir Land Plan, July 2001

Guntersville Reservoir Land Management Plan, August 2001

Norris Reservoir Land Management Plan, August 2001

Private Water Use Facilities on the Clinch River , April 2001


Tellico Reservoir Land Management Plan, June 2000

Tims Ford Reservoir Land Management and Disposition Plan, June 2000


Melton Hill Reservoir Land Management Plan April 1999

Shoreline Management Initiative, June 1999

Private Water Use Facilities on the Hiwassee River, June 1999


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Power Generation


Bull Run Fossil Plant House Demolition and Hydrogeologic Investigations

Mine Plan Approval for Illinois Coal Mineral Rights Lease, Sugar Camp Mine No. 1

Strata Solar Farm Project

Widows Creek Fossil Plant House Demolition


Mechanical Dewatering Facility at Bull Run Fossil Plant


Additional Use of Blended Low-Enriched Uranium (BLEU) in Reactors at TVA’s Browns Ferry and Sequoyah Nuclear Plants 

Ashley Wind Energy Project

Caney River Wind Energy Project 

Competitive Power Ventures (CPV) Cimarron Energy Project

Installation of Landfill Gas Generators at West Camden Sanitary Landfill

Integrated Resource Plan

Kingston Fossil Plant Structure Razing

Power Purchase Agreement for Chattanooga Airport Solar Array

Power Purchase Agreement for Renewable Energy from Biogas - Installation of Generating Capacity at Memphis Wastewater Treatment Plant

Power Purchase Agreement for West Tennessee Solar Farm 

Purchase of Power Generated at Bi-County Sanitary Landfill

Purchase of Power Generated at Prairie Bluff Sanitary Landfill

Purchase of Power Generated at Sand Valley Sanitary Landfill

Sequoyah Nuclear Plant Units 1 and 2 License Renewals

Single Nuclear Unit at the Bellefonte Plant Site

Supplement to the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant Unit 2 Steam Generator Replacements Environmental Assessment 

Watts Bar Fossil Plant Deconstruction 


Browns Ferry Cooling Towers – Addition and Replacements 

Elimination of End-Use Wholesale Rate Structure and Introduction of Time-Of-Use Pricing for Electricity at the Wholesale Level 

Increased Landfill Gas Generating Capacity at Chestnut Ridge Sanitary Landfill 

Johnsonville Fossil Plant - Ash Pond Dike Stabilization

John Sevier Fossil Plant – Proposed Gas-Fired Combustion Turbine/Combined-Cycle Generating Capacity and Associated Natural Gas Pipeline

Kingston Fossil Plant – Proposed Gypsum Dewatering System 

Kingston Dry Fly Ash Conversion


Emergency Dredging For The Kingston Fossil Plant Ash Dike Failure

Gypsum Removal from Widows Creek

John Sevier Scrubber Addition 

Johnsonville Fossil Plant Ash Disposal Site Expansion

Kingston Fossil Plant Initial Emergency Response

Kingston Fossil Plant Ash Recovery – Utility Restorations and Enhancements

Sequoyah Nuclear Plant Unit 2 Steam Generator Replacements


Bellefonte Nuclear Plant Site Activities

Lagoon Creek Combined Cycle Generating Plant Upgrade

Nickajack Hydro Plant Modernization of Turbines

Selective Catalytic Reduction Optimization


Adoption of PURPA Standards

Watts Bar Fossil Plant Barge Unloading Crane Removal

Watts Bar Nuclear Plant Unit 2 Completion and Operation


Allen Fossil Plant SCR Optimization

Allen Fossil Plant Ash Management

Bellefonte Nuclear Plant Redress

Gallatin Fossil Plant Rail Delivery Coal Unloading and Blending Facility

John Sevier Fossil Plant Intake Debris Removal

John Sevier Fossil Plant Reduction of Nitrogen Oxides

Johnsonville Fossil Plant NOx Reduction

Kingston Scrubber Addition

Purchase of Additional Combustion Turbine Capacity

Year-Round Operation of Paradise Fossil Plant SCR Systems, March 2006


Paradise Fossil Plant Disposal of Coal Wash Fine, May 2005

Bull Run Scrubber Addition

Johnsonville Fossil Plant - Unit 1 NOXOUT Selective Noncatalytic Reduction Demonstration

Replacement or Rejuvenation of Catalyst for Selective Catalytic Reduction Systems at Seven TVA Fossil Plants

Shawnee Fossil Plant - Unit 1 NOXOUT Selective Noncatalytic Reduction Demonstration

Watts Bar Nuclear Steam Generator Replacement

Wilson Hydro Plant Modernization of Turbine


Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant Units 2 and 3 Power Uprate, August 2003

Paradise Unit 3 Flue Gas Desulfurization System

Rate Structure Change for Pricing of Wholesale Electricity, August 2003

Kingston Fossil Plant NOx Reduction System, March 2003

Colbert Fossil Plant NOx Reduction System, February 2003


Wind Farm and Associated Energy Storage Facility, September 2002

Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant License Renewal and Unit 1 Restart, May 2002

Bull Fun Fossil Plant SCR System, April 2002


Energy Vision 2020 Integrated Resource Plan/Environmental Impact Statement


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Programs, Plans, Policies


River System Operations


Blue Ridge Dam Rehabilitation Project


Blue Ridge Dam Rehabilitation Project 


Normandy Dam Drought Response Release Schedule Change

Tims Ford Dam Release Water Quality Improvements

Wilson Dam Bascule Bridge Replacement


Bear Creek Dam Leakage Resolution Project

Nolichucky Reservoir Flood Remediation Project


Reservoir Operations Study, May 2004


Upper Duck River Basin Water Supply Needs, December 2000




Madison-Charity Lane 161,000-volt Transmission Line


Burkesville, KY 161-Kilovolt Transmission Line

Hillsboro 161-KV Transmission Line


Burlison 161-Kilovolt Transmission Line

Helicon, Alabama Power Supply Improvement Project

Kelsey Road-Byrdstown 161-Kilovolt Transmission Line and Switching Station 

Supplement to the Wacker Chemie Poly 11 Request for TVA Land Use and Section 26a Approval Environmental Assessment


Biggersville, Mississippi, 161-kilovolt Transmission Line

Entergy Mississippi, Inc., Florence-South Jackson, Mississippi, 115-kilovolt Transmission Line Upgrade

Gallatin Fossil Plant-Angeltown 161-Kilovolt Transmission Line and Switching Station 

Replacement of Structure 7 - Kentucky Hydroelectric Plant-Gilbertsville 69-kV Transmission Line, Kentucky Dam Reservation

Starkville and Columbus, Mississippi - Power Supply Improvement

Unionville-Rally Hill 1610kV Transmission Line System Improvements 


Monroe, Tennessee 161-kV Delivery Point


Algood 161-kV Transmission Line

Bridgeport Alabama Power Supply Upgrade

Rutherford-Williamson-Davidson Power Supply Improvement Project

SeverCorr 2 Power Supply Project


Center Point to Moss Lake Substation, North Georgia

Coldwater Substation, Mt. Pleasant, Miss.

Montgomery-Oakwood Transmission Line

Murfreesboro, East Franklin, and Pinhook-Radnor 161-kV Transmission Lines


500-kV Transmission Line in Middle Tennessee

Calpine’s Morgan Energy Center Transmission Line

Clovercroft 161-kV Substation

Columbus Air Force Base

Five Points-Homewood 161-kV Transmission Line

New Transmission Line to Bolivar Substation

Ranger, North Carolina Substation

Replacement of Ocoee Transmission Line

Transmission Line Tap to New BGMU Substation

Weir 161-KV Transmission Line

West Pleasant Hill 161-kV Transmission Line

West Point-SeverCorr 161-kV Transmission Line


Bradley 500-kV Substation and Transmission Line

Etowah Power Supply Improvement Project

Kirkmansville-Clifty City Power Improvement Project

ORNL Primary 161-kV Substation and Transmission Line Connections


Aspen Grove-Westhaven 161-kV Transmission Line

Gallaway Power Supply Upgrade, November 2004


Columbus-DeKalb 161-kV Transmission Line Tap to Paulette, MS, December 2003

Calpine Morgan Energy Center Interconnection Request, AL, October 2003

Kentucky Dam-Nashville 161-kV Transmission Line Tap and Screaming Eagles Substation, TN, June 2003


Economic Development

Appalachian Regional Commission Grant for an Industrial Building, City of Water Valley, Mississippi


Valley Investment Initiative – Program Expansion and Modification


Benchmark Industries Building Improvements

Mathias Metal Systems—Loan for Equipment Purchase

Pharma Pac Equipment Loan

Sewage System Facilities for New Mississippi Toyota Plant


ConRon/Plastic Recycling Building and Equipment Purchase

Leeds, Alabama Water and Sewer Infrastructure


Fiber Innovation Technology Equipment Purchase

Morrison Tool and Fab Industrial Expansion

Pierce Metals Industrial Expansion

Roll Form Group Industrial Start-Up


MEGAPOP Regional Internet Access Loop


Hartsville, TN, Industrial/Business Park, March 2002

Deferred and Canceled Projects

Paradise-Wilson 500-Kilovolt Transmission Line, February 2004

Hardin County, TN, Power Plant, December 2002

Montana Land Company Land Exchange, Hardin County, TN


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