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Integrated Resource Plan

Fact Sheets

TVA has prepared the following documents to provide additional information about its integrated resource planning efforts.

PDF documents require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Integrated Resource Plan Overview (PDF, 73 kb)

Power Supply Planning and IRP Processes (PDF, 78 kb)
A brief description of the various steps in power supply planning and issues evaluated during the planning.

Diagram of TVA’s 2008 generating capacity and actual generation by type (PDF, 62 kb)

Power Generation (PDF, 114 kb)
An overview of the major types of electrical generating plants.

Details about TVA’s fossil, nuclear, and hydroelectric power plants.

Diagrams of power plants

Transmission (PDF, 64 kb)
A description of the TVA transmission system and factors involved in planning its future.

Smart Grid (PDF, 3 mb)
An overview of a system that allows consumers to be more active in monitoring their energy usage through load control and power consumption.

Energy Efficiency and Demand Response (PDF, 82 kb)
An overview of TVA’s recent efforts to increase end-user energy efficiency and reduce peak loads.

Clean Energy (PDF, 85 kb)
A description of TVA’s current clean energy portfolio, goals for the future, and aspects of potential sources of clean energy.

Wind (PDF, 89 kb)

Solar Photovoltaic (PDF, 106 kb)

Biomass Combustion (PDF, 137 kb)

Landfill Gas (PDF, 92 kb)

Environmental Impact Statement (PDF, 67 kb)
A description of the steps involved in preparing an environmental impact statement.