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Koppers Coal Reserve Management Plan

Campbell and Scott Counties, Tennessee

On May 14, 2003, TVA issued a Notice of Intent to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for the Koppers Coal Reserve Management Plan. This plan would guide TVA’s management of its 53,000-acre Koppers Coal Reserve located in western Campbell County and eastern Scott County, Tennessee. The Office of Surface Mining-Knoxville Field Office, National Park Service-Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency are cooperating agencies in the preparation of the EIS.

The Notice of Intent initiated a public scoping period that closed on June 16, 2003. In addition to receiving scoping input by letter, e-mail and phone, TVA held a public meeting at Cove Lake State Park in Jacksboro on June 3, 2003. Approximately 55 people attended the scoping meeting. Attendees received an information handout at registration and were invited to provide written or oral comments. Scoping comments were received from around 50 individuals and/or groups. Public comments were used to identify issues and alternatives to be considered in the EIS. The five alternatives for managing the coal reserve are summarized in the scoping meeting information handout.

Following the scoping meeting, TVA and the cooperating agencies did a substantial amount of work toward preparing a Draft EIS assessing the potential effects of the five alternatives under consideration. However in 2005, during a time of major management changes at TVA including the transition from a three-member to a nine-member Board of Directors and the appointment of a Chief Executive Officer, work on the Draft EIS was suspended. In December 2006, the TVA Board issued a new land policy. The land policy directed staff to complete a review of TVA’s mineral holdings for later policy consideration. The Koppers EIS will remain on hold until the review is complete and/or the Board provides further guidance. In the meantime, no new leases for surface or underground coal mining on the Koppers Coal Reserve will be considered. Underground mining continues on a lease originally issued in 2001 to U.S. Coal and transferred to National Coal Corporation in 2004.

Notice of a change in project status will be posted on this website. TVA would like to acknowledge the considerable effort made to date on behalf of this EIS by the public and the cooperating agencies.

In 2003, TVA estimated that the Koppers Coal Reserve contained 70 million tons of recoverable coal. Because of rising coal prices and further assessment of the coal seams, TVA has subsequently raised that estimate to 84 million tons—42 million tons coal that could be underground mined and 42 million that could be surface mined. Less than 15% of the surface coal is considered suitable for cross ridge mining.

Maps and Other Documents

Notice of Intent, (PDF, 220 kb)

Scoping Meeting Information Handout (PDF, 290 kb)

Koppers Region Map (PDF, 1.3 mb)

Potential Coal Reserve Maps:
High resolution map suitable for printing on a plotter (PDF, 20 mb)
Low resolution map (PDF 6.8 mb)


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