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Sequoyah Nuclear Plant Unit 2 Steam Generator Replacements

Hamilton County, Tennessee

On November 13, 2009, TVA issued a final environmental assessment and finding of no significant impact for its proposal to replace the four steam generators in Unit 2 at the Sequoyah Nuclear Plant. The proposed project would involve off loading the 65-foot-long, 15-foot-diameter cylindrical steam generators from transport barges, the cutting of a 45-foot by 22-foot-oval hole in the roof of the Unit 2 concrete shield building, the removal of the old steam generators through the hole, the installation of the new steam generators, repairing the roof of the shield building, and the on-site storage of the old steam generators in a special shielded building. The replacement work is scheduled to occur during an outage in 2012.

Steam generators use heat from the nuclear reactor to generate steam, which then is used to propel the generators to produce electric power. Over time, components in the steam generators tend to degrade, causing decreased power generation efficiency. Replacement of the existing steam generators, which were installed over 20 years ago, will allow power to be produced by Unit 2 efficiently and reliably.


PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Environmental Assessment (PDF, 644 kb)

Finding of No Significant Impact (PDF, 26 kb)


For more information or to request a printed copy of these documents, contact:

James F. Williamson, Jr., Senior NEPA Specialist
Tennessee Valley Authority
400 West Summit Hill Drive, WT 11D
Knoxville, Tennessee 37902




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