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Spring City To Watts Bar Nuclear Plant Sewer Line Extension

Rhea County, Tennessee

Proposed Action

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) currently operates a sanitary sewage treatment system at the TVA Watts Bar Nuclear Plant (WBN). The existing WBN sewage treatment plant is 30 years old and is estimated to have only 8 to10 years of life remaining. TVA has prepared a draft Environmental Assessment (EA) on a proposal to discontinue use of the on-site wastewater treatment facility and contract for sanitary sewage services from the town of Spring City. The EA has three alternatives: 1) take no action; 2) contract with the Town of Spring City for sanitary sewage treatment services, which would involve the construction of a new 7.5 mile sewer line extension including tie-ins to allow for future growth on a route along State Highway 302 and the south side of Highway 68, or 3) build the same sewer line on the north side of Highway 68. For either of the action alternatives, TVA would also need to grant an easement for construction of the sewer line along TVA property to the WBN facility. The project would also involve upgrades to the existing Spring City Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Public Involvement

TVA is currently accepting comments on this proposal. Comments on the draft document should be submitted by July 1, 2005 in order to ensure consideration prior to TVA’s decision.


PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Draft Environmental Assessment (PDF, 533 kb)

Project Map (PDF, 6 Mb)


Submit written comments by July 1, 2005 to Bruce L. Yeager, NEPA Administration, Tennessee Valley Authority, 400 West Summit Hill Drive WT 9, Knoxville, TN 37902; or e-mail to blyeager@tva.gov. For more information or to receive a printed copy, call Bruce at 865-632-8051.

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