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20-MW Wind Farm and Associated Energy Storage Facility Environmental Assessment

The Tennessee Valley Authority proposes to construct and operate a wind farm in Tennessee. TVA also proposes to construct and operate a Regenesys™ Energy Storage facility near the selected wind farm site. The wind farm would demonstrate a technology for generating electric power with minimal environmental pollution to be marketed through TVA’s Green Power Switch® program and would consist of 13 to 16 wind turbines. The Regenesys facility would demonstrate an effective technology for storing the energy generated by the wind farm and releasing it at times of high energy demand.

This final environmental assessment examines the potential effects of building on Buffalo Mountain in Anderson County (Alternative 1), building on Stone Mountain in Johnson County (Alternative 2), or not building a 20 MW wind farm and associated energy storage facility (Alternative 3).


The public summary and the entire environmental assessment can be viewed by section, as noted below (PDF files; require Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Environmental Assessment

This is the complete text of the draft environmental assessment, divided into the following sections for faster downloading:

Cover (89 kb)
Front cover of the final environmental assessment.

Preface (112 kb)
Includes an abstract, a summary of the issues and alternatives considered, the table of contents, a table of acronyms and abbreviations, a list of figures, and a list of tables.

Chapter 1: Background, Purpose, and Need for Action (93 kb)
Background of the Green Power Switch program, purpose of the proposed wind farm and energy storage facility, other pertinent environmental reviews and documentation, and the goals of the proposal.

Chapter 2: Alternatives (3,492 kb)
Proposed action, and description and comparison of the three alternatives.

Chapter 3: Affected Environment (734 kb)
Detailed description of the environmental setting and a discussion of the identified resources, species, and other issues of concern (see the Summary and Table of Contents for a list of all the resources evaluated).

Chapter 4: Environmental Consequences (1,002 kb)
Discussion of environmental consequences under the three alternatives for each specified resource. Includes proposed mitigation measures.

Chapter 5: List of Preparers and Contributors (96 kb)
List of preparers and contributors.

Chapter 6: References (93 kb)
Literature cited.

Appendix A: Description of the Proposed Regenesys™ Facility (136 kb)
Technology description.

Appendix B (89 kb)
Bird species observed on the Buffalo Mountain and Stone Mountain sites.

Appendix C (89 kb)
State-listed plant species reported from the county in which the project site occurs, but from outside of a five mile review radius.

Appendix D: Risk and Mitigation of Accidents at Proposed Regenesys™ Facility (137 kb)
Plant hazard identification and assessment analysis.

Appendix E: Material Safety Data Sheets (320 kb)
MSDS sheets for the electrolytes named in Appendix A.

Appendix F: The Impact of Views on Property Values (98 kb)
A review of literature on the impact of wind farms on property values.

Appendix G: Responses to Public Comments on the Draft EA (290 kb)
Comments that TVA received from the public on the Draft EA are listed along with TVA’s responses.

Appendix H: Local, State, and Federal Agency Letters (1,450 kb)
Draft EA comment letters from local, state, and federal agencies

For more information

Printed copies of the entire environmental assessment are available for viewing at most public libraries and courthouses in Johnson County and the Anderson County, Tennessee area. For more information, call 865-632-1451, or e-mail tvainfo@tva.gov (attn. Anita K. Rose). In the Subject line type “Final 20-MW Wind Farm EA Print Copy.” Please include your USPS mailing address.

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