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The Tennessee Valley Authority has always been focused on sustainability. In fact, it has been applying sustainable business practices since its inception 80 years ago, long before “sustainability” was a hot topic.

TVA was established by Congress in 1933 to address a wide range of environmental, economic and technological issues — all with the purpose of sustaining the communities, natural resources and economic prosperity of the Tennessee Valley region. Throughout its history, TVA has taken an integrated business approach and woven sustainability considerations into its operations to minimize negative impacts today and enhance the long-term health of the Valley for future generations.

Sustainability has always been at the heart of TVA’s work and mission, whether it’s applying integrated resources to evaluate solutions from a broad perspective; considering environmental, economic and long-term implications; or focusing on ensuring that its current business solutions protect local communities, natural resources and economic prosperity for future generations. And it continually evaluates and adjusts its operations to ensure it achieves its mission — today, and tomorrow.

There are examples of TVA’s sustainable efforts throughout the TVA website. This site highlights TVA’s sustainability efforts within its corporate culture as well as within five key deliverables:

Sustainability Plans and Performance

Corporate Responsibility Report


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