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Melton Hill Dam Sustainable Recreation Site

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What is the clean and green recreation demonstration, and what does it have to do with TVA's mission?

TVA is demonstrating how renewable energy, energy efficiency measures, water conservation and recycled products of coal combustion can be integrated in a clean and green campground.

TVA’s Melton Hill Lake will be the site for the first demonstration of the recreational microgrid. Power will come primarily from solar panels and wind units and will be distributed through the microgrid with battery systems for energy storage. The goal is to set up a fully self-sustained clean-energy recreation site.

How will the campground microgrid work?

The TVA campground will be powered by wind and solar energy, and energy requirements will be reduced where possible with passive solar and energy efficiency measures.

Lighting will be converted to solar-powered light-emitting diodes (LEDs) activated by motion sensors. The potential for charging electric vehicles will be evaluated. Water conservation techniques will be explored, including the use of low-flow showers, and rainwater and grey-water (from showers and sinks) collection systems.

Ongoing analysis will determine how much energy from the standard grid has been saved and consumption rates will be monitored as each technology is installed and deployed. The aim is to achieve a net-zero energy campground.

What will this project accomplish?

Once all the conservation and generation systems at the campground are fully integrated, a year's worth of energy consumption data will be gathered and compared with baseline data gathered in 2008 and 2009. The technologies are expected to result in measureable improvements in resource use without increased need for maintenance.

TVA operates about 100 public recreation areas throughout the TVA region where millions of people enjoy limitless opportunities for fun and appreciation of our natural heritage. Technologies tested at Melton Hill will be targeted for installation in other campgrounds in the TVA system.


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