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Goodrich Corporation, a Fortune 500 company with a 140-year history, is a leading global supplier of systems and services to the Aerospace and Defense industry. If there's an aircraft in the sky, Goodrich is on it. One of Goodrich's key products is landing gear, which supports commercial, military, regional helicopter and business customers throughout the world. One of Goodrich's landing gear manufacturing operations is located in Tullahoma, Tennessee.

Goodrich Corporation's environmental stewardship

Concern for the environment and being a good corporate citizen have always been top priorities for Goodrich. To ensure they are considering the environment in their business decisions, Goodrich's operations meet the requirements of ISO 14001/18001, the environmental and safety management system standards. In addition to recycling, energy efficiency improvements, and other pollution prevention activities, Goodrich's Landing Gear business is participating in TVA's Green Power Switch program.

Goodrich and Green Power Switch

"In 2008, Tullahoma Utilities Board provided us with information about the Green Power Switch program. After an internal meeting, we decided to buy 500 blocks. The following year, our environmental performance goals were increased, so we doubled our green power purchasing" said Joe Pannell, Maintenance and Facilities Manager at Goodrich in Tullahoma.

While their participation in Green Power Switch helps Goodrich meet its ISO 14001 goals, their motivations go beyond the manufacturing facility walls: "If we do this, it will send a message to employees and the community to 'go green'" said Pannell, "Every company ought to help the best they can. This is all going for a good cause, and we'll see the benefits of it in the future."

To counter the additional cost of Green Power Switch, Goodrich invested in energy efficiency improvements. A TVA Comprehensive Services Program energy audit in 2008 saved Goodrich's Tullahoma based Landing Gear business $136,000. The combination of lower energy usage and more green power means considerable environmental improvement as well as financial savings.

Goodrich's forward-thinking did not go unnoticed, as they were awarded the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce and Industry's 2008 Top Environmental Excellence Award. In 2011 Goodrich's Landing Gear business was recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a member of their Green Power Partnership.

Further information about Green Power Switch

To learn how TVA and your local power distributor can help businesses reduce costs and energy consumption, or to purchase clean renewable energy through Green Power Switch, contact your local power distributor representative or call TVA's Renewable Energy Center at 866-673-4340.



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