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Goodrich saves money, is good steward of environment

After a TVA energy audit saved Tullahoma’s Goodrich Landing Division $136,000, the company is convinced that green power is the way to go and has just signed on as Tullahoma Utilities Board’s largest Green Power Switch participant.

TVA is encouraging its distributors and customers to switch to green power — electricity generated by the cleaner, renewable resources of sun, wind and methane gas. Green Power Switch is a TVA program that gives electricity consumers a choice in the type of power they buy.

To participate in the program, Goodrich has to purchase a minimum of 250 blocks. They are choosing to purchase double that at 500 blocks.

Joe Pannell, maintenance and facility manager for Goodrich Landing Division at 201 Mitchell Blvd. said buying green power is a way of thanking TVA for helping the company save money on energy costs.

Through TVA’s Comprehensive Services Program, TVA and its power distributors provide engineering and technical assistance for commercial and industrial customers free of charge.

“TVA came in and did an energy audit for me,” Pannell said.

The audit included recommendations on lighting and other energy conservation measures, checking all equipment for air leaks and identifying electrical hot spots.

“That’s just three of the services they have performed for us over the last 12 months,” Pannell said.

“On the energy audit, they recommended replacing all the lights in the facility from 400-watt metal halide lights to T5 fluorescent lights, which is going to save us $65,000 a year in electricity costs.”

Pannell said that change enabled the company to qualify for a one-time tax break for 2008 that will save $40,000 in taxes.

“The other thing they recommended was during the air leak audit; they identified about 200 air leaks all over the facility that would save us another $20,000 over a one-year period.”

A third recommendation TVA made to Goodrich was installing a capacitor bank that would keep the company from paying a penalty on its electric bill every month, which resulted in savings of about $11,000 a year.

“They were able to produce these savings,” Pannell said. “We agreed to invest some of the savings back into the Green Power Switch program.”

He said Goodrich invests about $2,000 a month in green power through its purchase of 500 green-power blocks a month.

Bob Pullen, communications and marketing director for TUB, said buying 500 blocks of green power is the environmental equivalent of recycling 120,000 pounds of aluminum or 441,500 pounds of newspaper — or planting 250 acres of trees.

“Since I was able to maintain my budget, I agreed to participate,” Pannell said.

“I felt like we were contributing as a company to making the environment better. We just decided to do our part.”

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