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Green Power Switch News
Issue No. 2, Summer 2001


Kinko’s Green Power Switch
A documentation of commitment to cleaner energy

Kinko’s photocopy corporation is one of many businesses that joined the initiative to protect the environment by purchasing Green Power Switch. Twelve Kinko’s stores in the TVA region purchase Green Power Switch from their local utilities, specifically from Nashville Electric Service, Knoxville Utilities Board, and Bowling Green Municipal Utilities.

“By deciding to use renewable power, Kinko’s is demonstrating a commitment to reducing its environmental footprint,” said Kinko’s environmental manager Larry Rogero. “Our goal is to lessen the impact Kinko’s exerts on the environment, while simultaneously providing the products and services valued by our customers. Kinko’s environmental vision statement explicitly states that we will use energy-efficient technologies and renewable energy sources.”

“We are pleased that area Kinko’s stores are committing their financial resources to help the environment,” said Nashville Electric Service President and CEO Don Kohanski. “The Green Power Switch program offers a business the opportunity to promote renewable energy, and Kinko’s is displaying excellent environmental leadership by participating in this important program.”

Based in Ventura, California, Kinko’s currently operates more than 1,100 retail locations and employs more than 25,000 people in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, China, and Great Britain.

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