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TVA, Local Distributors Kick Off Region-Wide Home Energy Audit Project

Free Energy-Efficiency Kits Provided to Participants

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TVA and local power distributors are providing a free energy- efficiency kit to every consumer in the TVA region who completes a do-it-yourself home energy audit.

The offer is part of TVA’s effort to help inform the public about energy efficiency, while providing tools consumers can use now to start saving energy in addition to money on their electric bills.

“Using power more efficiently is an important part of meeting the future energy needs in the Tennessee Valley region and reducing growth in power demand to help keep electric rates affordable,” said TVA Vice President of Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Joe Hoagland. “The do-it-yourself audits are designed to help consumers learn how efficient their homes currently are and what they can do to be more efficient. One month’s electric bill and about 20 minutes are all residents of the region need to complete the audit and start saving money with their free energy-efficiency kit.”

In January, TVA met two all-time winter records for electricity consumption in the TVA region. In August, TVA met 13 all-time summer records for power demand during a record-breaking heat wave. TVA’s highest periods of consumer power demand have been growing nearly 2 percent a year.

Residents can take a home energy audit online by going to They can also request a paper copy from their local power distributor or by calling the energy right® Help Line at 1-800-663-1835.

Consumers who complete the audit will receive a personalized energy profile showing their home’s overall energy use and offering ideas on how you can reduce your energy bill. Plus, you will receive your free energy-efficiency kit. Consumers who use the contents in the energy-efficiency kits and follow the recommendations from the audit could save as much as 20 percent on annual utility costs.

Each kit includes a comprehensive “How to Save” brochure and two compact fluorescent lightbulbs that use 75 percent less electricity and last 10 times longer than traditional lightbulbs. Plus, it includes outlet and switch gaskets, two faucet aerators, hot water temperature cards, energy use thermometer gauge, and a filter whistle that sounds when the heating or cooling system filter is 80 percent clogged.

More than 9,000 consumers have completed the home energy audit from mid-January to mid-March. As part of its strategic plan, TVA is working with local power distributors and stakeholders in the TVA region to develop new and expanded energy efficiency and demand reduction products, services and initiatives for consumers, business and industry.

More information on energy-efficient technologies, cost-saving tips, an energy resource library and do-it-yourself cost comparisons are available at Energy-saving information for students is available on the website

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