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Green Power Switch News
Vol. 3, No. 2— Spring 2003

Generation and participation updates

Generation update

Solar power sites

November 1, 2002 - January 31, 2003

Adventure Science Center 4,355 kWh
Dollywood Tram C 1,293 kWh
Dollywood Tram D/E 1,629 kWh
Gibson County High School 2,735 kWh
Ijams Nature Center 1,966 kWh
Cocke County High School 1,595 kWh
Duffield-Pattonsville Elementary School 1,503 kWh
Sci-Quest/North Alabama Science Center 5,506 kWh
American Museum of Science & Energy 3,199 kWh
Lovers Lane Soccer Complex 4,508 kWh
Finley Stadium 13,662 kWh
Oak Ridge National Laboratories 1,160 kWh
Florence Water Treatment Facility 5,788 kWh
University of Mississippi Intramural Fields 7,061 kWh

Mississippi State University

1,825 kWh
Total solar generation 57,785 kWh


Wind power site Generation
November 1, 2002 - January 31, 2003
Buffalo Mountain Wind Park 1,301,701 kWh


Methane gas sites Generation
November 1, 2002 - January 31, 2003
Middle Point Landfill Gas Generation Facility 4,095,904 kWh
Allen Fossil Plant Methane Facility 3,196,938 kWh


Participation update
Total number of green power blocks subscribed: 20,230
Number of green power blocks subscribed since
August 1, 2002:
Number of residential customers subscribing:   6,301
Average number of green power blocks per residential customer:      1.7
Number of commercial customers subscribing: 316 business customers
purchasing 9,296 blocks*

*For a list of business customers please click here.

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