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Vol. 5, No. 1 — Winter / Spring 2005


Lowe’s keeps green promise

Lowe’s, the largest purchaser of green power under TVA’s Green Power Switch program, has signed up five more of its Tennessee retail stores as subscribers, maintaining its position as the largest business participant in the renewable energy program.

In 2002, Lowe’s made a commitment to purchase green power at every available location in TVA’s service territory. As more local power companies sign up for the program, the retailer is making good on its promise.

“Lowe’s is proud to be a leader in the use of renewable energy,” says Robin Nickles, Lowe’s vice president of energy and facilities management. “Our commitment to green power reflects Lowe’s core value of operating as a responsible corporate citizen in everything we do.”

Lowe’s stores in Dickson, Dyersburg, Harriman, McMinnville, and Paris, Tennessee, are among the most recent to join Green Power Switch. These locations are served by Dickson Electric Department, Dyersburg Electric System, Harriman Utility Board, McMinnville Electric System, and Paris Board of Public Utilities. Lowe’s stores are now buying over 300,000 kilowatt-hours of Green Power Switch each month, an amount that has the annual environmental benefit of removing 495 cars from the road or planting over 750 acres of trees in the Tennessee Valley.

“TVA, Valley power distributors, and members of the environmental community applaud Lowe’s for its leadership in purchasing the most green power of any business in the southeastern U.S.,” says Jim West, Senior Manager, Green Power Switch. “Lowe’s commitment to the environment through its purchase of Green Power Switch is second to none. Lowe’s is clearly setting a high standard for other businesses to follow.”


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