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High School Student Answers the Challenge to Help the Environment

When Honor Schneider, a science teacher at Hiwassee Dam High School in Murphy, North Carolina, asked her advancedplacement environmental science class to encourage their family members to become more environmentally aware and use energy wisely, she probably had no idea how far one student would take the challenge.

Nicholas Chris, 16, a sophomore, did more than just ask his family; he approached everyone who would listen and asked them to buy renewable power through the Green Power Switch Program.

“We watched the movie An Inconvenient Truth at school and talked about what other countries, as well as ours, are doing to help our environment,” Nicholas says. “The movie got me interested in renewable energy.”

Nicholas learned about Green Power Switch from articles and Web site information available through his science class and became interested in seeing what he could do to spread the word about the program.

He created a petition for his teachers, peers and their parents to pledge their support for Green Power Switch. Armed with the petition, Nicholas got his recruiting effort underway. “I’m interested in what we can do to help our world. It’s about time that we tapped our renewable resources. The more people who buy green power blocks, the more money there will be to build more renewable energy resources.” “A lot of people, including my neighbors, had not heard much about Green Power Switch and were very interested.”

Nicholas plans to continue promoting green power along with the importance of recycling. For her part, Ms. Schneider could not be happier about how her class and Nicholas have responded.

“I think the students learned much more about global warming as well as what they can do to help alleviate the problem,” she says.

Vol. 7, No. 1 — Spring 2007





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