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2015 Green Power Providers Program

TVA has worked closely with local power companies (LPCs) and other stakeholders with the goal of responsibly increasing renewable energy development across the region by aligning programs with current and future integrated resource plans, shifting available capacity to the most cost-effective programs, and aligning prices with declining technology costs.

For Green Power Providers, TVA and participating local power companies are offering 11.33* megawatts of capacity through the innovative and sustainable Green Power Providers program in 2015. Green Power Providers was developed to encourage the development of small-scale solar, wind, biomass and hydro generation systems across the Tennessee Valley that are 50 kilowatts or less.

TVA is accepting applications for the Green Power Providers program from participating local power companies through a new online application process. Open Enrollment was conducted January 26-February 13. Capacity remains in both the residential and non-residential pools.  Therefore, TVA will continue to accept Capacity Reservation Requests (CRRs) on a first come, first serve basis until all available capacity, plus a 30% waitlist is full. Applicants should carefully read the 2015 Green Power Providers Program Participation Guidelines and description of the application Process before applying with the local power company.

Through innovative renewable energy programs like Green Power Providers, TVA and participating local power companies are putting TVA’s vision of low-cost and cleaner energy into action. Green Power Providers will benefit Tennessee Valley power consumers because it aligns renewable generation payments with those who voluntarily support renewable energy through TVA’s Green Power Switch program. These two optional programs complement TVA’s existing renewable programs, including the Solar Solutions Initiative for installations between 50 kW and 1 MW and the Renewable Standard Offer program for renewable energy generation up to 20 MW.

To learn more about Green Power Providers and its key features, read these frequently asked questions.

How the Program Works

Homeowner or Business Contacts Local Power Company

Before buying a renewable generation system, contact your local power company to ensure that it participates in the Green Power Providers program. If so, you should read the Program Guidelines and follow the Application Process. If and when approved through the Process, apply for interconnection to the power grid and, once approved, sign interconnection and participation agreement with the local power company.


TVA Approves Application

Once you have signed the participation agreement with the local power company, TVA provides final approval of the agreement and your premium is locked-in for a full 10 years of the 20-year agreement. Now you can go ahead and buy an eligible renewable generation system.

Green Power Providers Participant Installs Green Power Source

The generating system must be installed and approved by the local power company within 180 Calendar Days of TVA’s approval of the Participation Agreement. Solar installations approved by TVA in Calendar Year 2015 must be designed, inspected, and approved by a renewable energy professional with entry-level NABCEP certification at a minimum. NABCEP is an acronym for the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners ( The system must comply with environmental regulations and national standards, be certified by a licensed electrician, and comply with all applicable codes. See a list of NABCEP installers.

Local Power Company Approves the System

The local power company will complete a system/site review and, if the system passes inspection, submit the System Acceptance Form (SAF) to TVA. The qualifying form must be sent to TVA within ten business days.

Participant Receives Payment

TVA will buy the green energy output at the retail electricity rate plus a premium rate for a full 10 years of the 20-year agreement. For the remainder of the agreement term, TVA will purchase the green energy output at retail rate only. TVA will retain the RECs for the full 20-year agreement term.  Once the system is generating, qualifying participants will receive an additional $1,000 to help offset start-up costs.


How to Qualify for Green Power Providers Program

A generation source must fulfill the following requirements to qualify:

Eligible Resources

Eligible resources include solar, wind, low-impact hydropower, and biomass. Biomass includes all solid, liquid and gaseous forms of these fuels:

  • Woody waste
  • Agricultural crops or waste
  • Animal or other organic waste
  • Energy crops
  • Landfill gas and wastewater methane.


It must have a minimum total nameplate generation capacity (DC) of 500 watts and a maximum of 50 kilowatts (kW). Qualifying systems cannot exceed 50 kW for a single participant on one site. Systems greater than 10 kilowatts in size will be subject to a load requirement. A “load requirement” simply means that the system’s maximum capacity will be limited so that it should not generate more than 100% of the energy usage or consumption at the home or business. For a good rule of thumb load requirement estimate, see chart below:

Annual Energy Usage (kWh)

Maximum Nameplate Capacity (kW DC)

Up to 13,140



















Systems larger than 50kW may qualify for the Renewable Standard Offer. Learn more here.  

Site Location

The system’s location must match the participant’s billing address for power services. Residential participants must have a residential building and residential billing meter at the address of the qualifying system, or if a commercial or industrial customer, participant agrees that its primary commercial or industrial purpose is not electricity generation at the building with a commercial or industrial billing meter at the address of the qualifying system.

Billing Meter

The meter measures billing demand or energy consumed at the site, or both. It must be located at the site and fully operational when the participation agreement is signed.

System History

The system must not have previously generated renewable energy for sale to TVA prior to October 1, 2012, unless the system was part of the Generation Partners pilot.

Read more information for participants


* An additional 1.33 MW of Non-Residential capacity, that was available at the end of CY14, has been approved for roll-over for CY15. Therefore, TVA will offer 11.33 MW capacity (4 MW Residential + 7.33 MW Non-Residential), plus the 30% wait lists, for CY2015 GPP.

Now Accepting 2015 Applications


Applicant/Participant Guide

System Owner Quick Reference Guide

System Installer Quick Reference Guide



Renewable Standard Offer

Developers of small- to mid-size renewable projects in the TVA service area can now participate in TVA’s Renewable Standard Offer.


Tax Credits

Green Power Providers participants are eligible for a federal tax credit that can mean substantial savings on their tax bills. These fact sheets provide details:

Solar energy tax credit summaries

Wind energy tax credit summaries


Provider Update

Total generating partners:   2,119
Total combined capacity: 87.25 MW


Downloadable PDFs

2015 Green Power Providers Guidelines

Solar installations approved by TVA in 2016 must be designed, inspected, and approved by a renewable energy professional with full NABCEP certification only. Entry-level will no longer be eligible.


Local power companies participating in Green Power Providers


Links to renewable energy resources


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