April 2009

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Become a ‘green power’ producer and sell your power to TVA

There’s great news for the environmentally conscious in the Tennessee Valley. Green Power Switch Generation Partners® — a TVA renewable-energy initiative with participating local power distributors — is being expanded to offer more green-energy-source options.


Thousands of Tennessee Valley consumers have been buying green power TVA produces through its Green Power Switch®. Now consumers can sell renewable-energy sources they produce to TVA through its Generation Partners program.

Here’s how it works:

“We urge those considering installing green-power sources to check to see if their power company is a Generation Partners participant,” says Susan Ross, senior manager in Customer Resources. “And we encourage those thinking of purchasing renewable-energy sources to check out the federal and state tax credits that may be available.”

For more information, call your local power company or visit the Generation Partners Web site at www.gpsgenpartners.com. For information on tax credits and incentives, go to www.dsireusa.org.

TVA begins dredging to remove ash from Emory River, restore environment

TVA has begun dredging operations to remove ash from the navigation channel of the Emory River − a key milestone in the recovery of the Kingston Fossil Plant ash and remediation of the local environment.

The Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation and the Environmental Protection Agency have approved TVA’s Phase One Dredge Plan. Water-quality monitoring equipment has been placed in the river that will continuously monitor water clarity and quality upstream and downstream of the dredging operation.