August 2008

Be safe in the heat


August — generally the hottest month for working outdoors or inside a building that is not air-conditioned — presents a variety of health and safety challenges.

To avoid becoming ill from the heat, here are some safety tips:
• Get used to working in the heat gradually.
• Drink water often to avoid dehydration.
• Take frequent rest breaks when working in hot conditions.
• Get a physician’s advice before replacing salt, particularly if your salt intake is restricted for medical reasons such as
circulatory problems.
• Dress lightly, in layers so you can subtract or add clothing as the temperature changes. Be sure to shade the skin against the sun.

From left, Kevin Smith, Jackie Smith and Randy Walker from Sequoyah Nuclear Plant Fire Operations perform an annual fire protection valve stroking, which means opening and closing a valve to make sure it works properly. Many employees and contract workers work in extreme heat, such as the 90-degree-plus Fahrenheit temperature on July 29. Extra precautions, such
as those listed here, are necessary to stay safe.