August 2008

people, plaudits, and promotions

Manning selected as Power System Operations EVP

photoRob Manning from Duke has been selected as executive vice president of TVA’s Power System Operations.

Manning is a 30-year veteran of the electric industry and is currently serving as vice
president of Field Operations for Duke Energy’s Power Delivery business.

He is scheduled to report to TVA on Aug. 18.

photoMarcus Chisolm, a systems engineer at Watts Bar Nuclear Plant, was recognized by Gary Mauldin, site engineering manager, for the ownership Chisolm took during the recent forced outage for the main generator stator cooling leak. Chisolm went to backshift and worked long hours with Maintenance, the vendor and others to ensure repairs were successful and on schedule. Chisolm was one of 12 Watts Bar employees honored during a Site Excellence Meeting in July for the initiative and positive behaviors they demonstrated. Site management says recognizing employees during these meetings is just one way to show appreciation for what employees do day in and day out to improve the quality of work life at Watts Bar. Corporate NPG, Sequoyah and Browns Ferry also are honoring employees during their Site Excellence meetings..

photoMegan Hayward, a senior mechanical design engineer in River Operations Support Services, has earned her professional engineering license in Tennessee. Hayward, who has been with TVA for 7 years, has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Mississippi State University.

photoMark Odom, a representative for TVA’s Holston-Cherokee-Douglas Watershed Team, received the Boone Watershed Partnership’s Outstanding Service Award for providing exemplary support for the partnership. The Boone Watershed Partnership is a nonprofit organization that works with a variety of partners to identify and address water-resource issues in the Boone Watershed. The watershed is an area of about 686 square miles in Sullivan, Washington and Carter counties in Tennessee and Washington County in Virginia. Odom, who is on the BWP Technical Advisory Committee, has worked with the partnership on numerous projects to address water-quality issues through education and stream improvements in the Boone Watershed.


New Employees

DCraig Allen Adams, Fossil Power Group, Stevenson
John M. Alexander, Nuclear Power Group, Soddy-Daisy
Christopher E. Allen, Inspector General, Nashville
David James Allen, NPG, Spring City
Laura Ellis Amini, NPG, Spring City
Robert S. Andujo, FPG, Gallatin
Eric S. Artis, FPG, Memphis
Toby Edwin Ashley, NPG, Spring City
Russell Travis Belcher, Facilities Management, Nashville
Daniel Dewayne Bell, Procurement, Knoxville
Paul David Blakely, NPG, Spring City
Erik W. Bodiscomassink, FPG, Clinton
Scott Travis Bowman, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Timothy Allen Bowman, Information Services, Knoxville
Charles R. Broesche, NPG, Spring City
Keenan James Broussard, NPG, Spring City
Michael William Bruchey, NPG, Spring City
Jonathan E. Burgess, NPG, Decatur
James Willis Burkhead, NPG, Decatur
Randy Gerald Burney, NPG, Decatur
James C. Buttram, FPG, Chattanooga
Arnaze Blake Cantrell, Procurement, Knoxville
Lee R. Cantrell, Procurement, Knoxville
Janice J. Carroll, Power System Operations, Chattanooga
Richard Cessna, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Cortney Deshaun Coleman, Procurement, Knoxville
Bryan Edward Collins, NPG, Decatur
Megan Ann Currier, Financial Services, Chattanooga
Karrie Kay Dodson, FPG, New Johnsonville
James William Douglas, NPG, Spring City
Mark Randall Easterday, FM, Chattanooga
Eric Dwayne Embry, NPG, Decatur
Damon Allan Fegley, NPG, Spring City
Kenneth Lee Ferrell, NPG, Spring City
Debra Kirby Firat, FS, Chattanooga
Andrew Franklin Ford, FM, Knoxville
Jaime L. Ford, NPG, Decatur
Lakesha Monique Fowler, NPG, Decatur
Dean Martin Frederick, FPG, Brownsville
Joy Pallis Futrell, NPG, Spring City
Chris Sean Golden, NPG, Decatur
Billy Ray Gooch, FPG, New Johnsonville
James Melvin Grant, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Barry Jason Gray, NPG, Decatur
Katie Emmaline Grube, FM, Chattanooga
Samuel Scott Hammonds, FPG, Chattanooga
Jeremy M. Hickey, NPG, Decatur
Robert Clinton Hookey, NPG, Spring City
Virginia Sue Howell, NPG, Decatur
Joseph Wesley Hubbard, NPG, Spring City
John Michael Jenkins, NPG, Decatur
Tonya Annette Lankford, FS, Chattanooga
Virginia Ann Mathis, NPG, Spring City
Billy Jack McAllister, NPG, Spring City
Tracy Wayne McCalpin, NPG, Decatur
Chadwick Shane McCarley, NPG, Spring City
Meagon Emmons McDougal, FS, Knoxville
Jennifer Lyn Mehltretter, NPG, Decatur
Craig Joshua Mercer, NPG, Spring City
Aaron Messer, Procurement, Knoxville
Ogden Jeffrey Miller, NPG, Chattanooga
Partrice Nichole Miller, NPG, Decatur
Edward Morris, NPG, Decatur
Jeffrey Scott Moser, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
James D. Mullins, FPG, Chattanooga
Eric Andrew Murray, Procurement, Knoxville
Amber Michelle Oliver, FPG, Stevenson
David M. Oliver, NPG, Spring City
Jason M. Page, FPG, New Johnsonville
John Carter Park, FPG, New Johnsonville
Kalee D. Parker, FS, Chattanooga
Joshua A. Perrel, NPG, Chattanooga
Michelle Lynn Peterson, CEO, Knoxville
Daniel Patrick Pratt, Nuclear Generation Development & Construction, Chattanooga
Pamela A. Revill, NPG, Chattanooga
David Ryan Richardson, NPG, Decatur
Christopher D. Riggs, NPG, Spring City
Luke D. Robbins, NPG, Decatur
Charles Dyer Roberson, NPG, Spring City
Patrick B. Russell, FS, Chattanooga
Michael Scott Canerdy, NPG, Spring City
Calvin Nesby Scruggs, NPG, Spring City
Dennis R. Sears, NPG,Spring City
John C. Shahan, NPG, Spring City
Ashley B. Shelton, FS, Chattanooga
Matthew G. Sherrill, NPG, Decatur
Neel N. Shukla, NPG, Decatur
Donald Lee Smith, PSO, Chattanooga
Justin A. Smith, NPG, Spring City
David M. Spears, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Algeana Levay Stevenson, Office of Environment & Research, Fort Stewart
Henry E. Taylor, NPG, Spring City
Ludwig E. Thibault, NPG, Chattanooga
Michael H. Thompson, NPG, Spring City
Patrick Bowman Vananda, Retirement Services, Knoxville
Paul Ival Vest, NPG, Spring City
Jeff M. Walker, NPG, Spring City
Richard Thi Walker, NPG, Decatur
Ricky Chad Wallin, PSO, Chattanooga
James V. Ware, NPG, Spring City
Emily Ann Wesolowski, NPG, Spring City
Kata A. Whitted, FS, Chattanooga
Maggie Leigh Williams, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Sammy C. Williams, NPG, Spring City
Jason Wayne Willis, NPG, Decatur
Joseph S. Woodworth, NPG, Spring City
Kelli R. Yates, NPG, Soddy-Daisy