December 2008

My extra job rocked

Four TVA employees – Kathy McGinley, program manager, Facilities Management; and Beth Sirene, a Procurement agent, both from Knoxville; along with Chattanooga’s John Fornicola, general manager of Nuclear Assurance; and Steve Taylor, manager of Surveying and Project Services, Power System Operations – all pulled double duty this fall.


Beth Sirene, left, and Kathy McGinley were loaned executives for this year’s Knoxville-area Combined Federal Campaign.

The four served as loaned executives helping to lead the 2008 Combined Federal Campaign for their regions. Here’s what they had to say about their experiences:

Fornicola: “I found the experience to be personally rewarding. The training we received gave me an excellent understanding of the Chattanooga United Way’s strategy and insight into a number of area agencies. It was touching to see the work these agencies perform and the people they help.

“The TVA and other agency employees in the Chattanooga area deserve to be congratulated for exceeding our campaign goal. The hard economic times did not deter their spirit of giving and their recognized opportunity to help those in greater need than themselves. Well done and thank you!”


Steve Taylor, left, and John Fornicola helped the Chattanooga area exceed its CFC goals this year.

McGinley: “I have learned a lot more about what the CFC and United Way do. We went to Goodwill and heard about some of the programs they have for putting people to work who otherwise wouldn’t get an opportunity. We also toured the Florence Crittenden Center, a home for unwed mothers. The director told us some stories that were really tragic. It was a real eye-opener: I didn’t realize that some of the things she talked about happened in Knoxville. Florence Crittenden gives the girls a chance to get their lives together. Otherwise they might not have any chance at all.”

Sirene: “I was a volunteer in previous years. Knowing a little more about all the different agencies and how our money helps has increased my spirit of giving. Since TVA is the biggest federal agency, we’re definitely the leader. It was a good experience. It’s a hard time because of the economy, but overall, I think we did a good job.”

Taylor: “This has been one of the most rewarding assignments of my life. We were able to see firsthand the excellent job area charities are doing to meet the needs in the community.

“Again this year, area TVA employees, key workers and other volunteers stepped up to the plate and contributed more than one million dollars to our area CFC campaign. I am truly proud to have been a small part of this effort.”