December 2009

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Wholesale power rates to decrease 5.5 percent

A decrease in the Fuel Cost adjustment, or FCA, for December will result in a 5.5 percent decrease in TVA’s wholesale power rates for that month. The primary reasons for the decline are much-higher-than-planned hydro generation and lower-than-expected sales, which resulted in lower costs for fuel and purchased power. For billing periods beginning Dec. 1, TVA’s wholesale FCA will be lowered from its current credit of 0.309 cents per kilowatt-hour to a credit of 0.662 cents per kilowatt-hour. this new FCA amount will result in an additional residential monthly bill reduction of between $3 and $6, depending on usage levels. TVA uses the FCA mechanism to help recover largely uncontrollable fuel and purchased-power costs. the FCA ensures TVA recovers costs as they occur, helping TVA better match its revenues to expenses.

Kingston “then and now”

Since December 2008, TVA has made significant progress toward its commitment to clean up and restore the site of the kingston Fossil plant ash spill. Conditions at the site today show the progress in restoring roads, land and water, compared with december.

TVA has removed more than two-thirds of ash that spilled into the Emory River channel and has permanently removed more than one million tons of ash from the site. Outreach to the Kingston community continues, including health screenings for local residents who have questions or concerns. Ongoing monitoring of air and water shows that the air quality is better than national standards for particulates and drinking water meets quality standards, as well. about 500 people are currently working on the site.

For an update on the progress, see emerging from the ashes” by clicking here.

Kingston Before & After