December 2009

Sizing up

The first phase of TVA’s work to improve its organizational effectiveness has highlighted some strengths and identified significant opportunities for improvement, says John Thomas, chief people and performance officer. Thomas’s group is leading the TVA-wide Organizational Effectiveness Initiative that began by inviting all employees to take an Organizational Health Index survey. More than 6,200 employees responded to the survey, more than 120 employees participated in focus groups, and more than 60 participated in individual interviews. “We thank everyone for their time and candor,” Thomas says. The diagnostic phase identified four themes, Thomas says:

What have we done?

Based on these findings, the OEI has defined five key improvement areas:

Work has begun in these areas, and one of the first was the announcement of a new senior management structure. The new structure, effective Jan. 2, 2010, will be led by an Executive Council. (See “Change at the top.”) Restructuring from the top will enable the leaders to own the change efforts from the start and be accountable for results, Thomas says. Several pilot efforts are being launched to demonstrate successful change. Paradise Fossil Plant is conducting a planteffectiveness pilot, and Nuclear Power Group is focusing on ways to attract and retain top talent.

Paradise was selected for a pilot because of its size, location and opportunities to align OEI with existing initiatives. The pilot is being led by plant leadership with support from Paradise employees. The pilot is expected to help employees and management identify ways to improve the most significant gaps in the plant’s operational and organizational performance. Attracting and retaining top talent continues to be a challenge, especially in Nuclear, which had already identified this topic as a priority. Nuclear was chosen for the pilot because of its impact on TVA’s future success. Employee focus groups and interviews are being conducted to identify critical skill gaps and improvement ideas.


Over the next several weeks, work will continue on the organizational restructuring and on the pilots at Paradise and in Nuclear. Results from the pilots will be the basis for long-term improvements throughout TVA.

Want to know more?

Updates will be announced through TVA Today and the OEI Web site on InsideNet. Employees can post questions, feedback and suggestions on the OEI site or e-mail OEI at




Change at the Top

An early result of the Organizational Effectiveness Initiative is a new top level structure for TVA, effective January 2010.

The structure addresses five tasks: serving customers; maintaining and improving assets and facilities; setting and communicating corporate strategy; building talent and driving accountability; and providing robust financial stewardship.

Leading TVA is an Executive Council consisting of President & Chief Executive Officer Tom Kilgore and five executives reporting to him:

Chief Operating Officer Bill McCollum; former Chief Financial Officer Kim Greene, new group president over all external-facing activities; John Thomas as chief people & performance officer; Maureen Dunn as general counsel; and the chief financial officer position Greene is vacating. TVA Treasurer John Hoskins will fill that role on an interim basis.

Greene’s new group will be responsible for planning, customer service, government relations, communications, environmental operations, commercial activities and renewable energy.

Thomas has been senior vice president of Corporate Governance & Compliance. As chief people & performance officer, he will be responsible for human resources, organizational effectiveness, diversity,
performance evaluation, compliance and security operations.

TVA also plans to appoint a chief information officer reporting to the CEO. The CIO will leverage technology and set strategies for TVA’s information