January 2009

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New name for Flexible Spending Account administrator

TVA’s flexible spending account administrator, SHPS, is introducing a new brand name for its services − Carewise Health.

This is a change in name only.

The benefits, rules for participation, claim-filing procedures and the Web site at www.myshps.com where participants can manage their flexible healthcare spending and dependent care spending accounts, as well as other program parameters, remain the same.

To minimize confusion, SHPS is transitioning to its new brand in stages. Until participants become more familiar with the Carewise Health name, both names and logos may appear on materials, resources and tools.

Participants with questions about Carewise Health spending accounts can call SHPS at 1-800-678-6684 from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST Mondays-Fridays.

Key points on Kingston

As employees work to restore conditions after the ash spill at Kingston Fossil Plant, you may be getting questions from family and friends about what happened. The spill affected an area of 300 acres. About 300 people and more than 115 pieces of heavy equipment are onsite, working on recovery. Below is a brief update about the spill. To learn more, see “The big cleanup”.

TVA uses a variety of fuels to make electricity, and coal accounts for about 60 percent of TVA’s power generation. Around the nation, about half the power supply comes from coal.