June 2008

Dogs Best Friend

TVA retiree Doug Jackson and wife Barbara volunteer hundreds of hours rescuing the underdogs of the animal world.


Barb and Doug Jackson, with Navarro. “Every person, every animal deserves a chance,” says Doug. He retired from Watts Bar in 2003.

Healthy, bouncy Navarro, a feist-terrier mix, is Doug and Barbara Jackson’s testament to animal rescue dedication. “Navarro’s rescue made national news,” says Barbara. “He was near death. His abusers were so vicious; theirs was Tennessee’s first ever underage felony animal-abuse case.”

Doug and Barbara gave Navarro a home. But for them, that’s typical. The two have been animal rescuers for nearly 20 years. Even before Doug retired from Watts Bar Nuclear Plant in 2003 as Concerns Resolution Site Representative, his community considered him animals’ best friend. He has battled tornadoes, faced off in court and engaged with a SWAT team mounting a pit-bull rescue – to save animals.

Many days, Doug volunteers at the McMinn Regional Humane Society in Athens, Tenn. He manages the shelter’s Web site and Petfinder tools, and does shelter “housework and fundraising.” “Helping animals is our spiritual gift,” says Doug. “Maybe others will see this need and be willing to help animals, too.”