June 2008

TVA Retirees

New Retirees

32 years

Leslie L. Behrends, Office of Environment & Research, Muscle Shoals

Thomas D. Beu, Nuclear Power Group, Chattanooga

Gary L. Gilliland, Fossil Power Group, West Paducah

Douglas L. Godfrey, FPG, Tuscumbia

John R. Hammell, Power Service Shops, Muscle Shoals

Anthony D. Harper, FPG, West Paducah

Robert C. Manley, River Operations, Chattanooga

Mark F. McMillan, NPG, Spring City

Barron D. Mouser, NPG, Decatur

Beverly P. Nelson, CAO, Knoxville

Raymond L. Newby Jr., COO, Chattanooga

C. Martricia Rollins, Information Services, Chattanooga

David W. Scott, FPG, Tuscumbia

Gordon M. Stokes, NPG, Knoxville

Robert E. Watkins, FPG, Cumberland City

Mark S. Wojnovich, NPG, Chattanooga

31 years

William J. Allman, Power System Operations, Harriman

Philippe Assayag, NPG, Decatur

Barry L. Barnard, OE&R, Muscle Shoals

Lloyd D. Barrett, FPG, New Johnsonville

Dennis L. Boles, PSO, Chattanooga

Bruce A. Borgognoni, Facilities Management, Chattanooga

Philip L. Gilbert, NPG, Decatur

Richard R. Grau, River Operations, Chattanooga

James R. Gregory, FPG, Drakesboro

Ricky B. Kennedy, Human Resources, Knoxville

Vernon P. Law, NPG, Spring City

Michael E. Lee, FPG, West Paducah

Clarence W. Pratt Jr., NPG, Spring City

Robert H. Prince, FPG, Chattanooga

Gary A. Robbins, FPG, Tuscumbia

Daniel A. Simmons, NPG, Decatur

Hugh L. Smith, IS, Chattanooga

30 years

Gregory C. Adams, Procurement, Chattanooga

Donnie D. Arnold, Power Service Shops, Muscle Shoals

Larry M. Begley, NPG, Knoxville

Sidney P. Brazil Jr., FPG, Tuscumbia

Jimmy D. Cornett, FPG, Drakesboro

Thomas R. Davis, NPG, Soddy-Daisy

William G. Dobbins, River Operations, Guntersville

Dennis A. Duncan, NPG, Soddy-Daisy

Jerry R. Farler, NPG, Decatur

Floyd E. Feezell, NPG, Spring City

Charles M. Garvich III, Information Services, Chattanooga

Bonnie S. Ginn, Office of Environment & Research, Muscle Shoals

Micheal R. Haynes, Financial Services, Chattanooga

Connie E. Howell, IS, Chattanooga

Gary N. James, NPG, Decatur

James W. Lee, PSO, Cumberland City

Jerry V. Mills, NPG, Spring City

Terry L. Mitchell, FPG, New Johnsonville

John A. Neal, FinSvs, Chattanooga

Kenneth J. Olszyna, OE&R, Muscle Shoals

Michael V. Paris, PSO, Muscle Shoals

Paula D. Riggs, IS, Knoxville

Roy K. Saylors, FPG, Stevenson

Judy A. Wilkinson, PSS, Muscle Shoals

Ruth A. Workman, FPG, Chattanooga

Warren J. Wright, Procurement, Rogersville

29 years

James H. Corry, FPG, Chattanooga

Don R. Dotson Jr., NPG, Soddy-Daisy

Lana L. Farmer, NPG, Chattanooga

Beverly J. Garrison, NPG, Spring City

Timothy C. Gilbert, ES&P, Guntersville

Alice L. Greene, Admin Svcs, Knoxville

Paul S. Heck, NPG, Decatur

William A. Henry, FPG, Kingston

Harold E. Hodges Jr., NPG, Decatur

James D. Holden, FPG, Muscle Shoals

V. Edward Hudson, PSO, Chattanooga

Philip R. Irwin, NPG, Decatur

Myrna Ray Jetton, NPG, Soddy-Daisy

James E. Jones Jr., NPG, Chattanooga

Joseph K. Kilpatrick, R&TA, Chattanooga

Leon F. Lane, NPG, Chattanooga

Thomas E. Manning, NPG, Spring City

Kathy Kinslow May, Communications, Knoxville

Keith W. McBrayer Jr., R&TA, Muscle Shoals

Carol S. Mangum-Goins, Human Resources, Chattanooga

Amos A. Moore, PSS, Muscle Shoals

Roger D. Myers, NPG, Soddy-Daisy

Mitchell E. Needham, PSO, Chattanooga

Richard A. Orear, NPG, Spring City

Jack R. Posey, FPG, Muscle Shoals

M. Diane Ricks-Generette, NPG, Muscle Shoals

Jimmy D. Rowland, FPG, West Paducah

Billy C. Rushford, NPG, Soddy-Daisy

Robert F. Stalvey, NPG, Spring City

Robert A. Todd, NPG, Decatur

Billy W. Tynes, PSO, Covington

J. C. Watson, NPG, Spring City

James E. Webb Jr., FPG, Stevenson

Dale K. Williams, NPG, Spring City

Drew Wilson, FPG, Chattanooga

Vanassa R. Workman, Admin Svcs, Knoxville






TVARA conference teaches lessons in leadership

TVA Retiree Association Leadership Conference participants Paula Morgan, secretary; Brodie Morgan, member, Jackson, Tenn. chapter; and Roland Streeter, vice president, Nashville Chapter, discuss advocacy issues in a conference working session. More than 100 attended TVARA’s third leadership conference, representing almost every one of TVARA’s 21 chapters across the Tennessee Valley and Florida. The May 22-23 meeting in Nashville focused on developing leaders and building member commitment. Key sessions taught leaders how to build their chapters and create effective, attention-grabbing meetings. Working sessions on advocacy helped participants learn how to choose and support issues. The group also celebrated TVA’s 75th anniversary.