March 2009

Making it stick for good – this time

During his 38 years of smoking cigarettes, Charles Drinnon tried to quit many, many times. He tried nicotine patches. They didn’t work. He tried “cold turkey.” That didn’t work.


Charles Drinnon is one of the many “quit-smoking” success stories. After 38 years of smoking, he quit for good two years ago.

Now, with the help of TVA’s tobacco-cessation program, Drinnon, a fossil electrician tech III at John Sevier Fossil Plant, has been smoke-free for two years.

“I had heard about the pill Chantix, so I asked my doctor about it,” he says. “He wrote a prescription for it, and I paid for it.”

About that time, Drinnon saw a notice that TVA was offering an incentive to quit using tobacco products, and he signed up.

“I sent the reimbursement form along with my receipt showing proof of purchase to the address in the notice and got reimbursed. After taking Chantix for five weeks, I quit smoking. I had a two month’s supply so I took it for another week or two. I had decided to quit, and I haven’t gone back.”

So what’s in it for Drinnon?

“My breathing is better. I got my sense of taste back. I didn’t gain weight. And I have more money to spend.”

Charles Drinnon is one of the many “quit-smoking” success stories. After 38 years of smoking, he quit for good two years ago.


Make your health a priority this year

TVA offers several programs to help employees and retirees stay on or get back on track with their health-related resolutions.

Kick the tobacco habit.
Take advantage of TVA’s tobacco-cessation program. (Dependents and retirees must be covered by a TVA medical plan to be eligible). You can be reimbursed for approved tobacco-cessation aids, including prescription medication and over-the-counter products such as nicotine patches and gum for smoking cessation. Find more information in the Tobacco Cessation policy on InsideNet. Retirees can review the program on by clicking on Retirees, then Health Care Benefits.

Schedule a HealthCheck appointment.
Employees can find out their numbers for cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, blood pressure, body mass index and body fat. Regional Live Well managers can provide details.

Use a TVA Live Well facility.
Contact your regional Live Well manager to make an appointment for an orientation required to use a Live Well facility. Access cannot be given until orientation is complete. Retirees can access Live Well information at by clicking on Retirees, then Health Care Benefits, then Live Well. TVA will supplement the cost to join a health facility for employees that do not have a Live Well Center at their worksite. Specific rules apply. Find out more about all of the Live Well programs from your regional Live Well manager.

Get your preventive care.
Employees and non-Medicare retirees enrolled in a TVA medical plan, as well as their covered family members, have access to $500 per calendar year for routine medical exams. Any eligible office visit, screening exam, lab work or other services that are considered preventive by the American Medical Association will be paid in full by the medical plan up to $500. See the January-February Inside TVA article “A simple test may save your health” for more information.