March 2009

people, plaudits, and promotions


Thirteen Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant employees have completed the Senior Reactor Operator License certification program or the Reactor Operator License certification program. Those in white shirts have received the Senior Reactor Operator License. Front row, from left: Donald Binkley, lead operations instructor, who served as the class lead for this 18-month program; Mike Belcher, Robert Welchans, Jason Whitlock and John Holliday; second row from left: Mark Newell, Allyson Woody, Mark James, Tim Patterson and Rich Hall; third row from left: Greg Smith, Eric Reynolds, Jarod Dawson and Thomas Bradford. Licensed through the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, as members of the Operations Department, they will oversee plant operations at Browns Ferry to sustain safe and error-free operations.

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Jerry Best (left) and Dan Tibbs with Fossil Power Group’s Technical Support group have been selected for an EPRI Technology Transfer Award. The award recognizes their work in applying LPRimLife software and Steam Turbine Blade Failure Root Cause Guides to optimize station turbine maintenance. Best and Tibbs were honored for their outstanding accomplishments in and contributions to technology transfer with EPRI’s Generation Sector and demonstrates their commitment to deriving value from their membership. Award recipients were recognized at the Generation Sector Advisory and Council Meetings in San Diego March 9-13.

photoChris Quillen has been promoted to senior power-utilization engineer in the Customer Service Northeast District in Gray, Tenn. Since joining TVA in July 2004, Quillen has completed the three phases of the Customer Service Power Utilization Engineer progression plan. These include becoming proficient in analyzing end-user power systems and offering related customer-service products for energy efficiency in agricultural, commercial, industrial and residential applications. He works closely with distributors of TVA power and their customers to provide advice and assistance on rates, metering and any other technical problems related to power use.



New Employees

Nathan Jeremy Adams, Spring City, Nuclear Power Group

Maria Gayle Allen, Spring City, NPG

Jonathan B. Anderson, Knoxville, Information Services

Mandy Star Anderson, Chattanooga, Financial Services

James R. Arrowood, Soddy-Daisy, NPG

Andrew Joseph Lewis Askins, Spring City, NPG

Christy H. Atkins, Decatur, NPG

Glenn R. Ball, Soddy-Daisy, NPG

James R. Ballinger, Spring City, NPG

D. Bryan Bayles, Chattanooga, NPG

Thomas Vance Beasley, Soddy-Daisy, NPG

Susan K. Beck, Spring City, NPG

Amos Henry Belcher, Decatur, NPG

Joshua A. Berry, Chattanooga, IS

Bonnie B. Bezkor, Chattanooga, FS

James Ned Bice, Soddy-Daisy, NPG

Mark A. Birchfield, Soddy-Daisy, NPG

Kenneth R. Blythe, Decatur, NPG

Michael Borth, Knoxville, FS

Suzanne M. Brackin, Decatur, NPG

Nanita Caulyne Brown, Decatur, NPG

Robert E. Brown, Drakesboro, Facilities Management

Zachary B. Brown, Spring City, NPG

Kimberly A. Bruketta, Spring City, NPG

Robert L. Burns, Drakesboro, FM

Jeffery C. Cable, Decatur, NPG

Michael Keith Cantrell, Decatur, NPG

Don Lee Carr, Spring City, NPG

Jennifer L. Caruthers, Chattanooga, FS

Adam Ryan Carver, Drakesboro, Fossil Power Group

Jason Joseph Castro, Spring City, NPG

Todd M. Christensen, Decatur, NPG

Levorn A. Coe, Soddy-Daisy, NPG

John E. Colvin, Decatur, NPG

Sean M. Connors, Spring City, NPG

Shannon W. Crabtree, Kingston, FPG

Michael A. Cranfill, Spring City, NPG

Gerald Lee Crittenden, Decatur, NPG

Donnie Gaylon Daniel, Columbus, FPG

Gary Lynn Davis, Brownsville, FPG

Rodney Mitchell Davis, Soddy-Daisy, NPG

Robert M. Dawson, Decatur, NPG

Jason Lee Dearman, Decatur, NPG

Patrick M. Derriso, Decatur, NPG

Shaun A. Dixon, Spring City, NPG

Shaughnessie Alan Donahoo, Spring City, NPG

Gregory M. Dudley, Decatur, NPG

Terry D. Dunny, Soddy-Daisy, NPG

David L. Eddy, Chattanooga, IS

Amy Marie Edge, Knoxville, FS

Nick C. Eggemeyer, Soddy-Daisy, NPG

Adam Joshua Elder, Chattanooga, IS

Michael David Ellis, Spring City, NPG

Eric Estrada, Soddy-Daisy, NPG

James R. Evans, Spring City, NPG

Charles Linwood Faulk, Chattanooga, NPG

Matt R. Featherngill, Spring City, NPG

Robert L. Feldeisen, New Johnsonville, FPG

Kevin E. Ferguson, Soddy-Daisy, NPG

Junior W. Fields, Nashville, TVA Police

Allan A. Fisher, Decatur, NPG

Thomas Barr Flood, Kingston, FPG

Mark J. Floyd, Decatur, NPG

Voretta B. French, Knoxville, Inspector General

Troy A. Garcia, Decatur, NPG

Andrew N. Gatlin, Muscle Shoals, Office of Environment & Research

Jason S. Gentry, Soddy-Daisy, NPG

William R. Glisson, Decatur, NPG

Boyce James Golden, Knoxville, FS

Matthew Curtis Goode, West Paducah, Procurement

Brian Wesley Gooden, Chattanooga, Central Support & Repair

Vicki M. Gould, Spring City, NPG

Lindsey Beth Grigsby, Decatur, NPG

Joseph A. Hamala, Chattanooga, IS

Charles R. Hamby, Spring City, NPG

David Charles Haney, Clinton, FPG

Steven Michael Harrold, Decatur, NPG

Kevin Lee Hayes, Clinton, FPG

Robert Chase Hensley, Decatur, NPG

Kenneth Dwayne Hobbs, Stevenson, FPG

John Schuyler Hopwood, Spring City, NPG

Michelle Lynn Hovater, Decatur, NPG

Matthew Lee Hudson, Chattanooga, PSO

Sandra G. Hughes, Spring City, Human Resources

Cathlyne Michelle Ingram, Chattanooga, FPG

Timothy David Jackson, Kingston, FPG

Scott Robert Jenkins, Kingston, FPG

Joshua Phillip Jernigan, Kingston, FPG

Colt Allan Jones, New Johnsonville, Procurement

Stephen Ryan Kaye, Spring City, NPG

Brian Eugene Kayler, Soddy-Daisy, NPG

Benjamin Matthew Keener, Spring City, NPG

Ronald King, Decatur, NPG

Michael John Langer, Spring City, NPG

James Michael Lashlee, Spring City, NPG

Jason Robert Lawhorn, Chattanooga, IS