November 2009

Health Check

A personalized program with results

Live Well Program Manager Vivian Jones checks the blood pressure of Todd Moore, a civil engineer in Electric System Projects, during a HealthCheck.

For Paris, Tenn., employee Barry Hart, HealthCheck is a program he can personalize to help him meet his health goals.

Hart has participated in TVA’s wellness-incentive program since it began in 2005. At his first HealthCheck screening, Hart learned that his total cholesterol was 247 mg/dl* – high enough above the recommended level of 200 mg/dl to inspire Hart to make a minor dietary change. Two years later, when his total cholesterol had dropped only to 211 mg/dl, he decided to make more extensive dietary improvements and increase his physical activity.


Barry Hart conducts shorebird surveys on Kentucky Reservoir.

“I’m eager to compare my screening results from year to year,” says Hart, a Watershed Team representative in Land & Water Stewardship. The results were evident at his most recent HealthCheck, when his total cholesterol count had decreased to 121 mg/dl and his body mass index and percentage of body fat had decreased as well. And he did all this without using cholesterol medication.

To increase employees’ awareness of their risk factors and health conditions, the HealthCheck program offers a health screening and an online health risk appraisal. “This program provides an opportunity to examine certain aspects of my health,” says Hart. “Approaching the program in this manner encourages me to implement actions and activities to improve and maintain my overall health.”

By completing the HealthCheck program, employees can earn up to $200 worth of credits that can be used to offset the cost of their benefits, which is what initially prompted Hart to participate. But his cholesterol numbers gave him an added reason to make a HealthCheck appointment each year.

“The numbers may not seem that dramatic to an objective reviewer, but they’ve been an extremely important incentive for me to implement some positive changes in eating habits and physical activity,” Hart says. “I can honestly say that HealthCheck has been one of the most important programs I have participated in since becoming a TVA employee.”

* Mg/dl is the measurement for cholesterol. It means milligrams per deciliter.


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In fiscal year 2009, 4,066 HealthCheck screenings were conducted, of which 653 involved first-time participants. Since 2006, 1,815 employees have consistently participated; 79 have reduced their cholesterol below 240, and 54 have quit smoking or using tobacco.

To schedule your HealthCheck appointment:

  • Go to InsideNet.
  • Click on Self Service Solutions.
  • Enter your Employee ID and Password.
  • Click on the Benefits tab at the top of the screen.
  • Click on Health Management.
  • Click on Schedule Appointment on the left side of the screen and follow instructions.