November 2009

TVA Retirees

New retirees

36 years
Charles W. Snipes Jr., Office of Environment & Research, Muscle Shoals

35 years
Charles T. Crosby, Nuclear Power Group, Decatur
Patricia S. Woods, Power System Operations, Chattanooga

34 years
Patrick L. Walker, NPG, Decatur

33 years
Charles R. Bryant, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Michael L. Deakins, Fossil Power Group, Clinton
Richard L. Driggans, OE&R, Chattanooga
Earl C. Keeler, FPG, Stevenson
Connie W. Kisabeth, River Operations, Knoxville
Gregory W. Raley, FPG, Drakesboro
Bobby R. Scoggins, Chief Administrative Office, Chattanooga
George R. Terry, FPG, Tuscumbia

32 years
Janet L. Collier, NPG, Spring City
Kathy R. Daniel, FPG, Muscle Shoals
Patricia A. Dyer, Human Resources, Knoxville
Stuart D. Huff, FPG, West Paducah
Douglas F. Jaquith, FPG, Chattanooga
Stanley D. Lambert, FPG, Drakesboro
John J. Littrell, FPG, Tuscumbia
Creighton Miller, FPG, Chattanooga
Loy M. Owens Jr., PSO, Chattanooga
Marion R. Steele, PSO, Chattanooga
Robert T. Stinson, Financial Services, Knoxville
Connie McClain Taylor, COO, Chattanooga
Marsha P. Willis, RO, Muscle Shoals

31 years
Cheryl H. Alsbrook, NPG, Chattanooga
Steve E. Brewster, COO, Chattanooga
Stephen L. Brothers Jr., Customer Resources, Chattanooga
Jerri W. Cable, HR, Knoxville
Donald K. Cain, Supply Chain, Chattanooga
Kenneth R. Cardwell, CR, Knoxville
Helen J. Carmack, PSO, Chattanooga
Edward E. Colucci, CR, Chattanooga
Ronald Curry, Retirement Services, Knoxville
Charles A. Cutshall, FPG, Tuscumbia
Susan F. Dalton, FPG, Chattanooga
Clifton A. Daniels, FPG, Clinton
Michael D. Davis, FPG, Chattanooga
Sara D. Degalleford, Customer Support & Repair, Chattanooga
Mary A. Dodge, Information Services, Knoxville
Glenn E. Duggin, Nuclear Generation, Development & Construction, Spring City
David L. Egner, FPG, Cumberland City
Bridgette K. Ellis, OE&R, Knoxville
Terrell E. Gass, RO, Kingsport
Rebecca J. Gentry, Supply Chain, Chattanooga
Jeffery F. Graves, Supply Chain, Hartsville
Phyllis G. Guess, FPG, Stevenson
Paul S. Haman, NPG, Spring City
Pamela F. Henry, IS, Chattanooga
Dewey A. Hollifield, FPG, Stevenson
Rickey E. Holtzclaw, NPG, Decatur
James R. Hubbard, HR, West Paducah
Robert C. Hughes, RO, Knoxville
Johnny V. Isom, CR, Huntsville
Donnie J. Jackson, Power System Operations, Muscle Shoals
Michael G. Kiefer, FPG, New Johnsonville
Bruce A. Latta, FPG, Cumberland City
Timothy W. Lee, FPG, Chattanooga
Janice W. Mayes, OE&R, Gray
James A. McGee, FPG, Cumberland City
Terry W. McIntosh, CR, Chattanooga
Steven A. McMinn, CR, Cleveland
Larry N. Millsaps, FPG, Stevenson
Sheila K. Moody, IS, Hollywood
Virginia Weller Morris, CR, Murfreesboro
Charles G. Morrison, FPG, Stevenson
T. Patrick O’Connor, COO, Chattanooga
Larry D. Radford, CSR, Watts Bar Dam
Samuel L. Roistacher, IS, Chattanooga
Kimberly A. Rush, CAO, Knoxville
David G. Seadorf, FPG, Stevenson
Arthur A. Schettini, TVA Police, Knoxville
James D. Swearingen Jr., NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Robert J. Taylor, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Lynda B. Thomas, CAO, Knoxville
Ricky L. Vaughn, NPG, Spring City
Toney E. Whitten, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Stephen L. Whittier, FPG, Chattanooga
Sheila S. Whittle, RO, Muscle Shoals
Elizabeth J. Wright, CAO, Knoxville
Michael A. Yates, NPG, Spring City
Raymond G. Yates, RO, Chattanooga

30 years
Janice L. Agee, FPG, Chattanooga
Danny D. Allen, FPG, Stevenson
William H. Anderson, NucGD&C, Spring City
Delphine S. Appleberry, NPG, Chattanooga
Johnny R. Baker, Supply Chain, Chattanooga
Lou A. Bean, Financial Services, Knoxville
Dan E. Birch, FS, Nashville
Richard L. Barton, RO, Benton
May P. Boardman, HR, Knoxville
Martha E. Boatner, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Michael E. Boone, FPG, Gallatin
Joshua H. Bowman, NPG, Spring City
Suzan E. Bowman, HR, Knoxville
Sally L. Buckner, COO, Chattanooga
Donald A. Burns, NPG, Decatur
Kathy M. Carroll, CAO, Knoxville
Alecia K. Cash, IS, Chattanooga
Ronald L. Coker, FPG, Rogersville
Barbara L. Cook, CSR, Muscle Shoals
Kathy Y. Craig, FPG, Drakesboro
Sharon D. Dawson, IS, Chattanooga
Robert T. Deal, NPG, Decatur
James L. Dixon, FPG, Tuscumbia
Judy G. Driggans, FS, Chattanooga
Kathryn E. Ellis, Supply Chain, Knoxville
Stanley E. Fulkerson, FPG, Drakesboro
Edith G. Fuqua, NPG, Decatur
Jeffie E. Gammons Jr, PSO, Columbia
Eddie M. Gray, CR, Tupelo
Vanessa I. Hickey, FPG, Chattanooga
Keith A. Hoffman, CR, Gray
Jacqueline S. Horner, OE&R, Knoxville
Robert W. Ingle, NPG, Spring City
Ronald D. Isham, NPG, Spring City
Bryan H. Jones, IS, Chattanooga
Jeffery C. Jones, RO, Chattanooga
Barry A. Kimsey, FPG, Chattanooga
Connie J. King, IS, Chattanooga
Doris H. Lowrance, NPG, Decatur
Janice W. McAllister, IS, Chattanooga
Jenny C McCann, FPG, Tuscumbia
David S. McCreary, FPG, Tuscumbia
Linda L. McCuthison, PSO, Chattanooga
Teresa W. McDowell, IS, Knoxville
Tommy K. McEntyre, RO, Chattanooga
Linda A. Moore, NPG, Chattanooga
Russell W. Moore, FPG, Chattanooga
Beverly R. Morehead, FPG, Drakesboro
James D. Morgan Jr., NPG, Decatur
Edith G. Muirhead, FS, Chattanooga
Darrell E. Murphy, PSO, Chattanooga
Harvey Myers, FPG, Memphis
Roddy B. Noll, FPG, Chattanooga
Joseph M. Northey, CS&R, Muscle Shoals
Donna E. Norton, OE&R, Lenoir City
S. Wayne Palmer, Supply Chain, Chattanooga
David T. Park Jr., PSO, Chattanooga
Paul T. Payne, CR, Chattanooga
William H. Peoples, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Kenneth E. Phillips, RO, Watts Bar Dam
Jerry L. Prince, CR, Jackson
John M. Proffitt Jr., CR, Cleveland
Marshall K. Raulston, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Ricky R. Rector, FPG, Chattanooga
Barbara J. Reynolds, RO, Knoxville
James R. Roberson, OE&R, Chattanooga
William H. Ross, FPG, Clinton
Gary R. Sanders, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Shelia A. Shoemake, FPG, Chattanooga
James H Sizemore, CR, Hickory
David L. Skinner, NPG, Spring City
Danny P. Stewart, NucGD&C, Spring City
David W. Stewart, COO, Chattanooga
Gretchen D. Thal, IS, Chattanooga
Hank C. Thornton, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Arthur C. Waddell, FPG, Tuscumbia
Barry A. Walker, FPG, Gallatin
Barbara A. Washington, Administrative Services, Muscle Shoals
Terri J. Woods, HR, Chattanooga

29 years
Jack L. Adams Jr., NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Paul M. Alley, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Donald W. Anderson, OE&R, Chattanooga
Roderick K. Appleton, FPG, Tuscumbia
Dennis R. Bagwell, FPG, Cumberland City
James V. Ballard, NPG, Decatur
Kim B. Barrett, RO, Chattanooga
Mary Evelyn Bates, HR, Knoxville
Albert V. Black Jr., HR, Chattanooga
Linda F Brooks, FPG, Drakesboro
Rhonda C. Byrd, FS, Cumberland City
Douglas M. Cambron, FPG, Drakesboro
Jerry D. Clayton, OE&R, Muscle Shoals
Laura L. Cole, RO, Knoxville
Gregory C. Congleton, IS, Knoxville
Shelton T. Cotner, NPG, Decatur
William B. Crews, NPG, Decatur
Monica H. Cross, NPG, Muscle Shoals
Craig O. Dillard, FPG, Tuscumbia
Ruth M. Feathers, NPG, Chattanooga
Thomas H. Floyd Jr., NPG, Soddy-Daisy
James D. Hancock, FPG, Stevenson
James T. Haney, NPG, Spring City
Thelma Leigh Hartigan, IS, Knoxville
Philip W. Haymaker, PSO, Chattanooga
Gary L. Hollowell, NPG, Spring City
Jimmy Hunt, FPG, Drakesboro
Angelia Kathy Keefer, NPG, Spring City
Stephen D. Kenney, NPG, Decatur
Gilbert D. King, NucGD&C, Spring City
Terri H. King, FPG, Chattanooga
Thomas M. Little, OE&R, Little Rock
Sandra L. Lyons, FS, Knoxville
Vernon N. Malone, FPG, Chattanooga
David W Maynor, FPG, Stevenson
Elizabeth C McBee, IS, Knoxville
C. Keith McClanahan, NucGD&C, Decatur
Ronnie L. McCullough, NPG, SODDY-DAISY
Sara J. Miller, COO, Chattanooga
R. Lynn Morgan, PSO, Chattanooga
Charles C. Parker, NPG, Spring City
Timothy J. Phipps, CR, Tupelo
Jean Jacques Pointer, FPG, Drakesboro
Donald W. Shoults, CR, Murfreesboro
John D. Quigley, CAO, Chattanooga
James S. Robertson, NPG, Knoxville
Thomas W. Simmons, NPG, Decatur
Edward J. Skillern Jr., NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Allen Chad Smith, NPG, Decatur
Stephen C. Strickler, NucGD&C, Soddy-Daisy
James E. Thomas, HR, Chattanooga
Donna S. Walker, FPG, Chattanooga
Pamela Cheryl Washburn, OE&R, Lenoir City
Rupert O. Westfield Jr., OE&R, Murphy
Sandra G. White, NPG, Decatur

28 years
Cindy D. Allen, PSO, Chattanooga
Bobby R. Balentine, PSO, Decatur
Eddie Barker, PSO, Chattanooga
Alice M. Barlow, FS, Knoxville
Patricia F. Brewer, OE&R, Asheville
David R. Chamberlain, CR, Nashville
Curtis M. Daniels, NucGD&C, Spring City
Howard E. Evans, NucGD&C, Decatur
Gilbert D. Francis Jr., Communications, Knoxville
Teresa J. Furgurson, RO, Knoxville
Roy J. Galyon, FPG, Chattanooga
Joseph P. Gilreath, NPG, Decatur
Randal E. Haynes, PSO, Chattanooga
Sarah V. Houston, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
C. Rickey James, IS, Chattanooga
Edward L. Julian, FS, Chattanooga
Judy C. Lancaster, NPG, Spring City
Trudy K. Leake, FPG, Rogersville
Renae M. Martin, RO, Pickwick Dam
Harriet A. Miller, FS, Knoxville
Phillip N. Mincy, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Robert S. Mitchell, FPG, New Johnsonville
Rickey W. Motter, NPG, Decatur
Karen S. Nease, FS, Knoxville
Martha C. Newport, Supply Chain, Chattanooga
J. Michael O’Keefe, CR, Knoxville
Herman E. Parsons, PSO, Chattanooga
Danny R. Pendergrass, NucGD&C, Spring City
Elizabeth B. Roberson, NPG, Chattanooga
David A. Robinson, PSO, Chattanooga
John R. Roby Jr., NPG, Spring City
Terry W. Roseman, CR, Chattanooga
Phyllis M. Russell, FS, Knoxville
Peter K. Scheffler, OE&R, Knoxville
Don J. M. Sewell, NPG, Spring City
C. Douglas Smith, PSO, Chattanooga
Jo Ann H. Taylor, CSR, Chattanooga
James C. Turner, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Vicki L. Varner, FPG, Chattanooga
Sharon E. Watson, FPG, Chattanooga

27 years
Anthony E. Bosco, FPG, Stevenson
Charlene B. Cagle, OE&R, Lenoir City
Michael P. Conwell, FPG, Cumberland City
Wayne D. Cordle, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Timothy A. Couch, NPG, Spring City
Stephen G. Dowdy, FPG, West Paducah
Jerry B. Espy, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Teresa D. Harris, HR, Harriman
Doyle T. Hickey, FPG, Stevenson
Nathan C. Hughes, FPG, Tuscumbia
Herman L. Kilgore Jr., NPG, Spring City
Martha P. Logalbo, NucGD&C, Decatur
Karla C. McCamy, IS, Chattanooga
Vann A. Newell, RO, Chattanooga
Jeffery A. Parker, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Edith Pippin, IS, Chattanooga
David N. Pohl, NPG, Decatur
Charles E. Poole, FPG, Tuscumbia
Nathanael L. Schwenk, NPG, Spring City
Terrill Snodgrass, FPG, Drakesboro
John A. Taylor III, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Michael W. Twitty, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Joyce A. Varnell, NPG, Decatur
Jackie L. Ward, OE&R, Muscle Shoals
Jeffrey L. White, NPG, Spring City
Gary L. Williams, NPG, Soddy-Daisy

26 years
James L. Adams, NPG, Decatur
Eleanor Barker, CR, Nashville
George L. Beard, FPG, New Johnsonville
Frances L. Beene, OE&R, Chattanooga
Elizabeth D. Black, NPG, Decatur
Robert W. Bond, OE&R, Chattanooga
Richelle M. Campbell, FPG, Clinton
David C. Craig, FPG, Drakesboro
Phillip R. Dodson, CAO, Knoxville
Gary W. Gronek, Supply Chain, Decatur
Jerry Wayne Guess, NucGD&C, Soddy-Daisy
Charles W. Harrington, PSO, Martin
Cecilia M. Hearn, HR, Chattanooga
Dofort R. Hogan, FPG, Cumberland City
Freddie L. Howell, FPG, New Johnsonville
Wavine Isaac, FPG, Memphis
Lee Roy Kelley, FPG, Muscle Shoals
Dennis R. Keys, RO, Chattanooga
Barry L. Lovelace, NPG, Decatur
Mary E. McRight, FPG, Muscle Shoals
Brenda L. Moton, Supply Chain, Chattanooga
Bobby R. Odom, TVAP, Knoxville
Glenn S. Pinkard, FPG, Clinton
Richard W. Ponder, OE&R, Muscle Shoals
Jeanne G. Scott, CSR, Chattanooga
John F. Scott, NPG, Spring City
Trudy L. Shea, OGC, Knoxville
Vicki J. Warren, OE&R, Knoxville

25 years
Joe A. Alford, PSO, Chattanooga
Therese A. Bowman, HR, Chattanooga
Jerry W. Carpenter, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Kalpana Chatterjee, IS, Knoxville
Mary V. Edwards, FPG, Harriman
Ronnie S. Faust, NPG, Decatur
Dondale Goodloe, FPG, Tuscumbia
William M. Hill, NPG, Decatur
Karen D. Hixson, RO, Chattanooga
James L. Hyde, TVAP, Murphy
Jerry W. Lancaster, NPG, Spring City
William D. Milton, FPG, Cumberland City
Helen F. Monroe, OE&R, Harriman
Anne D. Morgan, Supply Chain, Chattanooga
Robert E. Roberson, FM, Chattanooga
McArthur Smith, IS, Chattanooga
Sandra J. Stevenson, IS, Chattanooga

24 years
Dorothy E. Benton, OE&R, Lenoir City
Jimmy N. Bevis, NPG, Decatur
Hazen K. Butterworth, IS, Chattanooga
Daryl L. Campbell, FS, Knoxville
Edward A. Debord, FPG, Kingston
Michael D. Frye, NPG, Decatur
Michael T. Garner, FPG, Muscle Shoals
Sharon N. Greer, NPG, Decatur
Janice L. Kelly, CR, Knoxville
Brenda D. Lee, NPG, Decatur
Gary E. McGee, NPG, Decatur
Steven L. McMahan, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Marcus W. McCrary, FPG, Stevenson
Lynn W. Smith, NPG, Decatur
Donald J. Stapp, TVAP, Knoxville
Bobby L. Thompson, RO, Muscle Shoals
Eddie L. Tubbs, FPG, West Paducah
Robert G. Woodall, NPG, Soddy-Daisy

23 years
Steven D. Brown, NucGD&C, Spring City
Robert D. Click, NPG, Decatur
Thomas S. Franklin, FPG, Chattanooga
Karen S .Gillis, FM, Chattanooga
Carl E. Hendrickson, FPG, West Paducah
Hubert L. McCall, NPG, Decatur
Retha A. McCloskey, CR, Nashville
Elton W. Moore, FPG, Cumberland City
Donald W. Odom, FPG, Cumberland City
Patricia P. Reid, OE&R, Chattanooga
Timothy E. Rudder, CAO, Soddy-Daisy
Randy C. Ryan, NucGD&C, Soddy-Daisy
Henry L. Schwan III, COO, Decatur
Dale R. Short, Supply Chain, Chattanooga
William E. Snow, FPG, Kingston
Danny R. Wilkins, FPG, Drakesboro
J. Don Willis, FM, Muscle Shoals

22 years
Donald F. Albright Jr., FPG, Tuscumbia
Roy R. Auvinen, FPG, Stevenson
Charles E. Beacham, FPG, Cumberland City
Raymond E. Beasley, FPG, Drakesboro
John C. Bell, FPG, Drakesboro
Sandra G. Blount, NPG, Spring City
John J. Brock, OE&R, Muscle Shoals
R. Dewane Broome, TVAP, Knoxville
Walter E. Butler, FPG, Kingston
Ralph Coleman Jr., FPG, Stevenson
Gary L. Cranmore, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Robert J. Crawford, OE&R, Knoxville
Gary R. Dawson, PSO, Rogersville
William C. Eaton, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Ernest Frank Emerson Jr., FPG, Kingston
Kimi M. Fitzhugh, OE&R, Paris
James Larry Grimes, NucGD&C, Knoxville
Layne R. Harris, FPG, Drakesboro
Danny F. Hire, Supply Chain, Hartsville
Lydia B. Hopkins, COO, Decatur
Joe T. Jackson, NucGD&C, Spring City
Jeffrey W. Jennings, IS, Chattanooga
Theodore F. McDermott, COO, Soddy-Daisy
Malcolm L. Nelson, OE&R, Drakesboro
Billy R. Newman, FPG, Stevenson
Linda S. Pratt, FPG, Clinton
Stephen P. Reeves, NPG, Decatur
Alyce A. Scott, OE&R, Chattanooga
Rhonda N. Scott, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Stanley Skipworth, NPG, Decatur
John D. Smith Jr., FM, Chattanooga
Jeffrey L. Trapp, NPG, Decatur
Jerry L. Vineyard, Supply Chain, Clinton
Teddy J. Wallace, FPG, Cumberland City

21 years
James D. Bailey, FPG, Muscle Shoals
Don R. Beasley, FPG, Kingston
Salistine Billings, FPG, Tuscumbia
Lloyd D. Blankenship, PSO, Knoxville
Michael Jackson Bryant, FPG, Chattanooga
Dennis E. Butler, NPG, Decatur
Richard W. Byers, NPG, Spring City
Dwight M. Carter, COO, Chattanooga
Ronald S. Carver, NucGD&C, Spring City
Randall E. Easley, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Juanita S. Ellis, IS, Chattanooga
D. Dale Ferguson, PSO, Huntsville
Wesley E. Freeman Jr., NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Wendell E. Goff, NPG, Spring City
Tim A. Golden, NPG, Decatur
David K. Gray, HR, Chattanooga
Roger D. Guyton, NucGD&C, Decatur
Cheryl D. Hamrick, PS&Fuels, Chattanooga
Charles E. Hawkins, CSR, Norris
Jack Eugene Hinman Jr., NPG, Spring City
Lanier J. Holcombe III, CAO, Decatur
Jimmy R. Holdbrooks, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
John E. Kelly Jr., FPG, Memphis
Judy D. Jones, FPG, Stevenson
Ronald L. Jones, FPG, West Paducah
Terry W. Lee, NPG, Decatur
Veronica A. Long, OE&R, Knoxville
Brenda L. McHone, NucGD&C, Lenoir City
Lois K. Moidja, FPG, Cumberland City
Kerry L. Moody, IS, Muscle Shoals
Harold D. Murphy Jr., RSO&E, Guntersville
William T. Patrick, FPG, Muscle Shoals
Tammy D. Pettit, CR, Nashville
Roger D. Pruett, FPG, Stevenson
Maurice E. Quinn Sr., NPG, Soddy-Daisy
James M. Reeves, NPG, Decatur
William H. Russell, NPG, Spring City
Micky H. Seal, Supply Chain, Decatur
Vonda L. Sisson, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Sandra K. Toomey, NPG, Decatur
Carl E. Welker, FPG, Cumberland City
Robert A. Wilder, FPG, Clinton

20 years
Jerry N. Atkins, Admin Svs, Cumberland City
Glenn H. Bailey, FPG, West Paducah
Citynthia L. Batey, FPG, Stevenson
Jerry D. Baxter, FPG, West Paducah
Kenneth H. Beasley, FPG, Tuscumbia
Mai W. Bernardo, PSO, New Johnsonville
Charles M. Birk, FPG, Drakesboro
Ronnie L. Brooks, FPG, Drakesboro
Paul D. Carpenter, PSO, Philadelphia
James L. Carr, NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Andrew B. Causey, FPG, Tuscumbia
Albert Edward Cooke Jr., NucGD&C, Decatur
Edward Cox, Supply Chain, Decatur
Troy W. Dennis Sr., Admin Svs, Muscle Shoals
Howard W. Elliott Jr., NPG, Soddy-Daisy
Daniel F. Ferguson, FPG, Chattanooga
James R. Griffin Jr., Admin Svs, Knoxville
J. Elaine R. Hines, Employee Relations, Muscle Shoals
Ronnie L. Hines, FPG, West Paducah
Terry O. Hipps, NPG, Decatur
Harvey A. Jacobs, FPG, Gallatin
Rodney M. Koger, FPG, Stevenson
Connie M. Layne, CSR, Chattanooga
Richard W. Latham, FPG, West Paducah
Ronald C. Masters, FPG, Cumberland City
Kenneth S. McVay, HR, Chattanooga
Charles E. Miller, FPG, Cumberland City
Douglas W. Mills, CSR, Kingston
Stanley K. Newberry, Supply Chain, West Paducah
Linda M. Oliver, Admin Svs, Chattanooga
Tommy Perkins, FPG, Tuscumbia
Patrick P. Salkeld, NPG, Spring City
Lynn P. Talley, CR&D, Knoxville
Kandyse L. Travis, FPG, West Paducah




Retiree Jerry Barnette named TVA Loaned Executive

Jerry Barnette wasted no time resting on his laurels. Just eight months after his TVA retirement, he is now a TVA loaned executive for the Tennessee Regional Combined Federal Campaign based in Nashville. He had worked in TVA’s Energy Efficiency & Demand Response organization.

A loaned executive serves as a CFC ambassador to TVA and other federal agencies’ employees to encourage donations to CFC.

Barnette’s passion for CFC has been 32 years in the making. He co-chaired the CFC effort in the old Appalachian District office in Knoxville in the 1980s. “I’ve always had a heart for service and making a difference in situations where people need a helping hand,” he says. “My family and friends have benefited directly from help offered by CFC-sponsored agencies. As a loaned executive, I share my story, because I believe that sooner or later, everyone has needed or will need help.”