September 2008

Energy savings start here


With hot temperatures across the region leading to high demands on the TVA power system, TVA began voluntary power-curtailment measures Aug. 1 to reduce its corporate in-house use of power. The reductions stayed in effect until milder temperatures arrived in the area the week of Aug. 11.


Fate Evans, East Area Facilities Management maintenance technician, adjusts the water temperature for the Knoxville Office Complex.

“We estimate that we cut about 1 megawatt of load off the TVA system in the reduction,” says David Smith, manager of Facilities Engineering. “This translates to about $500 per day in savings to TVA directly. But more importantly, it was 1 MW less we had to generate or buy on the market, or 1 MW more we had to sell to others.

“It also shows we are trying to conserve during high-demand periods just as we are asking customers on the outside to conserve.”

This initiative aligns with TVA’s current energy-efficiency and demand-reduction campaign. The campaign, with a “conserve to preserve” message, is intended to raise awareness in consumers by showing them how they can cut their individual energy usage while also offsetting the increasing costs of electricity.