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""The Ultrasonic Section of the Inspection Services Organization (ISO) uses high-frequency sound waves to inspect welds or components for flaws, or to measure material thickness. The group utilizes conventional ultrasound, state-of-the-art phased array ultrasound, and numerous specialty applications that are required on a regular basis.

The group consists of multidisciplined  employees with primary expertise in the field of ultrasonic testing, and combined experience of more than 165 years. Our staff has diverse experience in many different industries, including nuclear, fossil, hydro, aviation, structural and the military. To enhance the capabilities of the Ultrasonic Section and allow staffing for large plant outages, ISO maintains contracts with outside nondestructive evaluation (NDE) companies. 

The section’s primary responsibility is to provide ultrasonic testing support to TVA facilities. Additionally, this section is TVA’s primary source of liquid penetrant, magnetic particle and visual examination, both direct and enhance-remote-visual. The section also has two members whose primary focus is to provide complex, detailed drawings and databases for the use of ISO employees and their customers.

Ultrasonic Section personnel maintain in-house certifications that comply with ASME Section XI as well as EPRI detection, sizing and PDI endorsements. Our personnel are recognized as industry experts and are active members of numerous local, national, and international NDE committees and working groups.

For more information, contact:

Jane M. Lockwood
Manager, Ultrasonic Section
(423) 843-4254
(423) 593-2964





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