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TVA-Kingston Fly Ash Release Environmental Research Symposium

This symposium was held March 11-12, 2010 at Roane State Community College, Harriman, TN, as part of TVA’s continuing efforts to address questions that resulted from the release of fly ash at the Kingston plant. The two-day event was designed to identify areas of collaboration among those conducting coal combustion product research, call attention to gaps in current research and technologies, and inform the public of current and future research initiatives.

Format Title Size
Adobe PDF Agenda 49 kb
Adobe PDF Abstract Book 289 kb
PowerPoint Plenary Session-Introduction 377 kb
PowerPoint Plenary - EPA Recovery Assessment 22.6 mb
PowerPoint Plenary - Site Characterization 28 mb
PowerPoint Plenary - Geochemistry 6.4 mb
PowerPoint Plenary Ecotoxicology Overview 3.5 mb
PowerPoint Plenary - Ecological Studies 13.6 mb
Adobe PDF Plenary - Environmental Risk Assessment and Management 5.7 mb
PowerPoint Break Out - Ecotox discussion TVA 3.6 mb
PowerPoint Break Out - Ecotoxicology Work Group 105 kb
PowerPoint Break Out - TVA Geochemistry Breakout 2.3 mb
Adobe PDF Breakout Synopsis 158 kb
Adobe PDF Poster - Adams, Greeley, 1.6 mb
Adobe PDF Poster - Babyak, Pruitt, 2 mb
Adobe PDF Poster - Baker, Lakin, 6.9 mb
Adobe PDF Poster - Barnes, Messur 1.3 mb
PowerPoint Poster - Bednar, Chappell, 3.8 mb
Adobe PDF Poster - Conley, Funk, 388 kb
Adobe PDF Poster - Carriker, Rogers, 2 mb
PowerPoint Poster - George, Neely 7.5 mb
Adobe PDF Poster - Greeley, Adams, Sherrard 1.3 mb
Adobe PDF Poster - Deonarine, Hsu-Kim, 277 kb
Adobe PDF Poster - Jones, Carriker, Stack 3.8 mb
Adobe PDF Poster - Lane, Gassaway 578 kb
Adobe PDF Poster - Sridhar, Vincent 808 kb
Adobe PDF Poster - Mitchell, Tuschall, Burrows 10 mb
PowerPoint Poster - Peterson, Baker, 4.9 mb
Adobe PDF Poster - Rollins, Landolt, Stephenson 593 kb
PowerPoint Poster - Seiter, Chappell, et. al 1.9 mb
Adobe PDF Poster - Sherrard, Carriker 879 kb
Adobe PDF Poster - Stack, Young, Carriker 5.6 mb
Adobe PDF Poster - Stanley, Kennedy 133 kb
PowerPoint Poster - Wang, Kunz 306 kb
Adobe PDF Poster - Ruhl, Vengosh, Dwyer 326 kb
Adobe PDF Poster - Ruhl, Vengosh, Dwyer 890 kb
Adobe PDF Poster - Vicinie, Matko, 4.2 mb
Adobe PDF Poster - Zeller, Francendese 1.7 mb
Adobe PDF Poster - Tuberty, Babyak, 2.7 mb
Adobe PDF Poster - Henry, Hopkins 1.3 mb
Adobe PDF Poster - Henry, Hopkins 944 kb
Adobe PDF Poster - Hall, Sanchez, Rickabaugh 40 mb
Adobe PDF Poster - Seramur, Sidle, 26 mb
PowerPoint Water Quality Monitoring 2.7 mb
MPEG Video Water Quality Monitoring Video 39 mb
WMV Video Comparison Video 59 mb




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