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Since the incident, TVA, the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC), and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have been sampling untreated river water at locations along the Emory, Clinch, and Tennessee Rivers. Water samples are routinely tested for toxic metal compounds on both a dissolved and total basis to account for material suspended in the water, like silt, organic particles, and fly ash.

Public drinking water supplies and residential well sampling has also been conducted. All EPA, TDEC, and TVA water treatment plant sampling results indicate municipal drinking water has met and continues to meet safe drinking water limits. Residential well sampling results also indicate drinking water continues to meet safe drinking water limits.

Sampling results of untreated river water did show that some metals were elevated just after the incident, and again after a heavy rainfall on 1/6/2009. However, subsequent sampling events have demonstrated lower amounts of suspended ash, and test results show metals below safe drinking water limits.

The attachments below were presented as visuals at the TVA open House on Thursday, January 15.

Fact Sheets

Drinking Water Fact Sheet (PDF, 72 kb)

River Water Fact Sheet (PDF, 86 kb)


Graphs of Sampling Results (PDF, 99 kb)


River Sampling Map (PDF, 2 mb)




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