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Kingston Ash Recovery Project Dredge Cell Stabilization

January 30, 2012

KINGSTON, Tenn. - The contractor building a perimeter wall around the dredge cell and ash pond at Kingston Fossil Plant as part of the 2008 ash spill cleanup will be moving large equipment beginning this week alongside Swan Pond Road.

Large pieces of heavy equipment will be operating just inside TVA property, between the intersection of Swan Pond Circle Road and the plant’s north entrance.  The equipment will remain there through August, when this segment of the perimeter wall is expected to be complete.

No traffic delays are expected with this phase of the cleanup process. However, motorists may become distracted because large equipment will be operating in close proximity to the roadway. TVA is asking everyone who travels along the roadway daily to be aware of the work going on and to drive safely.

The wall, designed to stabilize and protect the area from movement due to earthquakes, will be approximately 11,500 feet long and follow the perimeter of the closed dredge cell. The soil-and-cement wall is being constructed in eight segments within a 4-foot-wide trench, with a base ranging from 50 to 70 feet below ground and embedded 3 feet into shale bedrock.  Segment seven, along the roadway, is the second of the eight segments to be constructed.

The design for the perimeter wall stabilization is calculated to withstand a 6.0 earthquake on the East Tennessee fault, and a 7.6 earthquake on the New Madrid fault in West Tennessee.

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