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Wire and border zones

To protect public safety and improve power reliability, TVA establishes two zones within a transmission right of way: wire zones and border zones.

In the wire zones directly under the lines, we allow only low-growing, non-woody plants. Wire zones are maintained by mowing and limited use of herbicides.

In the border zones between the edge of the right of way and the lines, and with prior approval, we allow compatible low-growing trees and shrubs whose mature height will not exceed 15 feet, as shown in the following diagram.

Compatible vegetation for transmission rights of way


compatible vegetation

To reduce the risk of trees or branches falling onto lines, or lines sagging or swaying into trees, we remove incompatible vegetation in border zones that is, or could grow to be, more than 15 feet high. Additionally, trees planted within border zones should not have any portion of their canopies under the lines. The following diagram illustrates incompatible vegetation in the border zone.

Incompatible vegetation for transmission rights of way


Incompatible vegetation






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