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What is the Solar Solutions Initiative?

The Solar Solutions Initiative (SSI) is a pilot overlay incentive for solar projects that began in February 2012. TVA is continuing its commitment to low cost solar energy, expanding the Solar Solutions Initiative to 20 MW in 2015. SSI provides incentive payments for mid-size solar projects in TVA's Renewable Standard Offer program if the projects use local NABCEP-certified installers in the Valley region.

SSI is a targeted incentive that aims to support the existing local solar industry, while also serving as a recruitment tool for new industry in the Valley region, retaining and adding investment and jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the benefit for developers?

Projects that utilize solar panels installed by local NABCEP-certified installers may be eligible for the pilot incentive ($/kWh) in addition to the Renewable Standard Offer power purchases. The incentives are intended to capture the economic development benefits of utilizing the local workforce and increased investment, as the solar energy industry continues to show growth. An additional 20 MW is available in 2015 at the prices indicated below.

Pricing Information

Solar Solutions Initiative - Pilot Overlay - 2015 Program Capacity Offering (20 MW)

Eligible Project Size: Nameplate Capacity (kW DC)

10 Year Incentive ($/kWh)

> 50, up to 1,000 kW


What projects are eligible?


  • Must participate in Renewable Standard Offer (in TVA power service territory only)
  • Project Nameplate capacity must be > 50 kW DC, up to 1,000 kW DC (mid-size solar)

    Calendar Year

    Market Segment

    Capacity Amount


    Regular Projects

    12 MW

    Local Power Company Projects

    4 MW

    Smaller (>50 kW up to 200 kW) Projects

    4 MW

  • There is 20 MW DC of capacity available in 2015
  • No applicant or counterparty or an Applicant’s parent company or any affiliated company can apply or enroll in more than 5 MW DC of capacity (aggregate, including previous applicants), to ensure participation diversity
  • In addition, there is an annual cap of 2 MW per year per company
  • There may be no more than one SSI-eligible project per site/property


  • The installation must be completed/managed by a NABCEP-certified solar PV installer
  • The NABCEP-certified solar PV installer must be employed by a business located in the TVA power service territory



What does it take to apply?


In addition to the Renewable Standard Offer Application, developers wishing to pursue the Solar Solutions Initiative pilot overlay must include the following details regarding the project when completing the Solar Solutions Initiative application:

  • The planned equipment to be used including details about the solar panels, inverters, and other balance of system (BOS) components to the project
  • The planned installer/contractor who is NABCEP-certified for solar PV installations and is located inside the Valley region
  • Detailed cost projections for the various parts of the installation

The application fee for SSI projects is $1,000 + $1.00/kW.

Prior to reaching the contract stage for the RSO and SSI programs, the applicant/developer must submit the final equipment to be used, as well as installer/contractor to be used for the project, as well as any other requested changes to the previously submitted Application – projects must still be eligible for the pilot and program requirements and detailed cost receipts may be required prior to receiving the purchase payments
In order to be reviewed by TVA, the applicant must have submitted the fully completed RSO and SSI applications, along with the associated application fee(s).


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