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Section 26a of the TVA Act

Section 26a Permit Expiration

A Section 26a permit expires unless the applicant initiates construction within eighteen (18) months after the date of issuance (§ 1304.9).  If a permit expires, the applicant may reapply. TVA will charge the standard application fee in effect at the time the applicant re-applies and will determine the level of review required before issuing a new permit.   TVA may decide not to issue a new permit, or may issue a permit with terms and conditions different than those contained in the previous permit.

Note: Site specific conditions may impact the review and approval of your application. Applying does not guarantee approval. Contact your local regional watershed office for more information and clarification.


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Subpart B: Nonnavigable Houseboats

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Subpart D: Flowage Easement Shoreland

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