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Section 26a of the TVA Act

Marine Sanitation Devices and No Discharge Zones

This information supports § 1304.401 Marine Sanitation Devices; particularly the requirements on TVA no discharge lakes.

The Environmental Protection Agency has designated certain TVA reservoirs as "no discharge" lakes. Whenever a vessel equipped with a Type I or Type II MSD (these types discharge treated sewage) is operating in an area of water that has been declared a No Discharge Zone, the MSD cannot be used and must be secured to prevent discharge.  No Discharge Zones are areas of water that require greater environmental protection and where even the discharge of treated sewage could be harmful.  When operating in a No Discharge Zone, a Type I or Type II MSD must be secured in some to prevent discharge. Closing the seacock and padlocking, using a non-releasable, wire- tie, or removing the seacock handle would be sufficient.  Generally, all freshwater lakes (and similar freshwater impoundments or reservoirs that have no navigable connections with other bodies of water), and rivers not capable of interstate vessel traffic, are by definition considered No Discharge Zones.


TVA No Discharge Lakes Include:

Beech River Projects
Ft. Patrick Henry
Ocoee 1, 2, 3

Tims Ford
Blue Ridge
Bear Creek Projects


Note: Site specific conditions may impact the review and approval of your application. Applying does not guarantee approval. Contact your local regional watershed office for more information and clarification.


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