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April 2006


Clean boaters, clean waters

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Newly posted signs at Ditto Landing Marina encourage boaters to do their part to keep Wheeler Reservoir clean. Clean boating signs are one of the benefits TVA provides to marinas receiving Clean Marina designation.


The small, extra efforts and expenses required to practice clean boating make sense for our families’ health and safety, for the environment, and for the future of recreational boating.

Here are a few reminders to help you be a clean boater this summer:

Keep your trash on board
Never throw cigarette butts, fishing line, or any other garbage into the water. Be sure to carry plenty of trash bags. Take advantage of shore-side facilities to recycle plastic, glass, metal, and paper.

Prevent oily discharge from the bilge
Keep your engine well tuned to prevent fuel and oil leaks. Inspect your bilge water prior to pumping. If there’s a sheen to it, use an oil-absorbent pad (available for purchase at most marinas) to remove oils before discharging.

Spill-proof your fueling practices
Prevent fuel spills by filling fuel tanks slowly and carefully and by using absorbent pads or rags to catch drips and spills. Don’t “top off” your fuel tank; leave 5 percent empty to allow fuel to expand as it warms so your tank won’t overflow.

Minimize boat cleaning and maintenance in the water
If possible, wait until you take your boat out of the water to do cleaning and maintenance. When working on the water, use phosphate-free, chlorine-free, and nontoxic cleansers, and contain waste by using tarps and vacuum sanders.

Manage sewage wastes properly
Never pump or dump sewage waste overboard. Even if you are on a discharge reservoir where it isn’t illegal to pump treated sewage, make a habit of having it pumped at a marina instead.

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