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Got questions?

Call TVA’s Environmental Information Center

TVA has opened an environmental-information call center to make it easier for the public to get answers to questions about a wide range of environmental issues.


EIC staff member Ginger Seeber answers a question about TVA land rights on Fort Loudoun Reservoir.

The Environmental Information Center, or EIC, is staffed from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time Monday-Friday. The toll-free number to call is 1-800-882-5263.

The staff can answer questions on the following subjects and issues:

  • Recreation – boating, hunting, fishing, and camping
  • Shoreline actions and issues – erosion control, docks and marinas
  • Permitting procedures – policies, fees, associated requirements and compliance information
  • Reservoir Land Plan information – progress, updates
  • Water quality – health of TVA-managed reservoirs
  • Archaeological information – reporting found resources, learning about surveys
  • Natural-resources information – threatened and endangered species, information on wildlife-management areas
  • Environmental education – student and teacher information
  • Renewable energy – policy questions
  • Sport fishing – types and health of fish, where they can be found
  • Other environmental issues affecting TVA’s seven-state region.

You can also e-mail your questions to the EIC staff using the Environmental Information Center Web site.

In the first four months of operation, EIC staff responded to nearly 2,000 inquiries. About half of those inquiries were about permitting procedures or hunting on TVA-managed land.

EIC acting manager Hugh Standridge says the call center better serves the public. “People have just one number to remember and one place to go for environmental information. Plus, they get the information they want more quickly since EIC staff can answer most questions on the spot—without having to refer the caller to anyone else.”

Reservoir information

For answers to questions on how your reservoir is operated, including reservoir levels and release schedules, call TVA at 865-632-6065 or visit TVA’s Reservoir Information Web page.


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