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November 2006


Under review: TVA land policy

The TVA Board Community Relations Committee is reviewing public comments on a new land policy that, if adopted, would end the sale of TVA-managed public lands for private residential development.

The policy was developed after the committee held a public hearing and received extensive public input.

Committee chair and TVA Board member Susan Richardson Williams said the proposal reflects the positions of at least 75 percent of the more than 900 comments the committee received during the hearing. “We heard overwhelmingly that citizens wanted TVA’s lands to be used for public recreation and public access.”

The proposed policy would allow TVA to lease land or grant easements for commercial or public recreation purposes if the property is allocated for that use in the land-management plan for that reservoir. Reservoir land-management plans designate specific parcels of land for various uses based on public input and careful analysis of resource data.

In addition, in keeping with TVA’s economic-development mission, the policy would permit the sale of land for industrial purposes if the property is located in an existing industrial park or the land is designated for industrial purposes in a reservoir land-management plan and the manufacturing business requires water access.

Other key points of the proposed policy include the following:

  • TVA will continue to develop reservoir land-management plans with substantial public input.
  • TVA will modify deed restrictions pertaining to flowage rights only where the rights are no longer needed for river-operation purposes. No other deed-restriction modifications will be considered.
  • TVA’s non-reservoir property — primarily power and commercial properties and mineral holdings — will continue to be managed as power assets, and decisions regarding disposal will be based on business considerations.

The public comment period on the proposed policy ended on Nov. 3. The Community Relations Committee will present a final recommendation to the full TVA Board after careful consideration of the input received.

View the proposed policy and get news about the review process.



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