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TVA to review land and water stewardship activities

You may have heard that TVA is developing an Integrated Resource Plan that evaluates future energy needs for the Valley and the generation resources TVA will use to meet those needs.

Closely associated with that project is a review of some of TVA’s stewardship activities, including activities aimed at managing land, water, and cultural resources and providing diverse, sustainable recreation opportunities. The results will help TVA determine how to use its resources most efficiently to meet its stewardship goals and the objectives of TVA’s Environmental Policy and Land Policy.

The stewardship review will focus on TVA’s natural resource management and recreation programs. It will be conducted under the guidelines of the National Environmental Policy Act and will include preparation of an environmental impact statement.

Scoping — the first step in the process of preparing an environmental impact statement — will begin soon. Please watch TVA’s Environmental Reviews web site for the opportunity to submit your comments on the issues and management alternatives that should be evaluated as part of the study.

After the scoping comments have been considered, TVA will release the draft environmental impact statement for public comment in the fall of 2010.





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