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Letter to Regional Council Members

April 21, 2000

Regional Council Members:

I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming May 25 meeting in Huntsville, Alabama. The meeting will be held at the Hilton Hotel, Freedom Plaza, 401 Williams Avenue, Huntsville, Alabama.

Please review the following items:

  1. Lodging - Information about the Huntsville Hilton, including directions and a map, approximately 10 miles from the Huntsville airport. A room is reserved for you the night of Wednesday, May 24. Please contact Sandra for special lodging arrangements.

  2. Travel arrangements - If you need flight arrangements into Huntsville, please let Sandra know. There is a shuttle from the airport to the hotel. (Let her know if you require the shuttle and she will notify the hotel of your flight arrival time when she sends the rooming list.) Alternatively, taxis are available.

  3. Meeting and Reference Materials - Be sure to bring your notebooks with you to each meeting. Enclosed are replacement pages for notebook updates.
    Updated summary of questionnaire responses
    Updated Ground Rules
    Updated Council Contact List information
    Council Bios - Bruce D. Shupp and Dr. Stephen A. Smith

  4. And finally, I’ve included copies of letters addressed to me and the Council that I have received from TVA stakeholders that you should review prior to the meeting.

As I’ve worked with TVA and our consultant on the enclosed agenda, I’ve tried to ensure a balance of all the requests and expectations the individual Council members have expressed to me. By using the first meeting to work out most of the housekeeping on the Council process, I think we are now ready to move into discussions about the topics that have been surfaced with the Council questionnaire.

Mayor Eddie Smith, Jr.


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