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Regional Council Questions Related to TVA’s Recreation Strategy

August 23-24 , 2005 meeting

At the September 2003 second-term Council meeting, TVA presented an overview of its recreation programs and solicited advice on recreation trends and critical elements that should be included in TVA’s future recreation strategy. Based on this advice and on information gathered from local, state, and federal agencies and other regional recreation providers, TVA has developed a draft recreation strategy to guide future planning and resource allocation decisions. The draft has been reviewed and coordinated within TVA, and we are now ready to share it with the Council.

At the August 2005 meeting, TVA’s presentation to the Council will discuss why the strategy was developed; its alignment with TVA’s mission, critical elements of the strategy (vision, goals, objectives, and actions); and a summary of the other parties we talked with in developing the strategy.

The presentation will include a review of the three questions asked of the Council in the September 2003 meeting and a brief summary of the Council’s responses.

The previous questions were:

  1. What are the most important national and regional trends TVA’s recreation planning should take into consideration?
  2. What should be the most critical elements of TVA’s recreation strategy?
  3. What should TVA’s recreation program look like in five years:

a. What activities should receive more emphasis?

b. What activities should receive less emphasis?

After the presentation, the Council will be asked to respond to the following questions:

  1. Is the proposed recreation strategy consistent with previous Council advice? If not, how is it inconsistent and what changes should be made?
  2. Does this Council think that the proposed recreation strategy identifies an appropriate role for TVA in helping to meet the recreation needs of Valley stakeholders? If not, what specific changes are needed?
  3. Are the proposed objectives and actions adequate to achieve the strategy’s visions and goals? What other actions are needed to meet existing or projected recreation needs? What types of partnerships should we pursue?


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