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Regional Council Documents: Term Four

The documents on this page relate to the meetings of the fourth-term Regional Council, whose first meeting was in October 2007.

Click on the name of any document below to read it (PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader). Although some documents may not be available online, all Regional Council materials can be viewed at the TVA Corporate Library in Knoxville.

October 9 – 10, 2008

Agenda (PDF, 261 kb)

Transcript - Day 1 (PDF, 227 kb)

Transcript - Day 2 (PDF, 174 kb)

Federal Register notice (PDF, 77 kb)

TVA 2008 Environmental Policy Overview (PDF, 1.3 mb)

Recreation Strategy Presentation (PDF, 1.9 mb)

Council Advice - Stewardship Compliance (PDF, 66 kb)

Council Advice - Recreation Strategy (PDF, 44 kb)

Stewardship Compliance Overview (PDF, 342 kb)

News release


March 13 – 14, 2008

Agenda (PDF, 154 kb)

Introduction of questions (PDF, 32 kb)

Transcript - Day 1 (PDF, 261 kb)

Transcript - Day 2 (PDF, 193kb)

Federal Register notice (PDF, 74 kb)

Bear Creek Dam Update (PDF, 738 kb)

Drought Update (PDF, 287 kb)

Environmental Policy & Framework (PDF, 336 kb)

Integrated Land and Water Stewardship (PDF, 541 kb)

Natural Resource Management Strategy (PDF, 802 kb)

Southeast Watershed Forum (PDF, 3.3 mb)

RRSC advice regarding land and water stewardship focus areas (PDF, 129 kb)

October 11 – 12, 2007

Federal Register notice (PDF, 55 kb)

Agenda (PDF, 97 kb)

Transcript - Day 1 (PDF, 402 kb

Transcript - Day 2 (PDF, 247 kb

TVA Updates (PDF, 533 kb)

Dry Conditions

Drought Management Plan (PDF, 367 kb)


Land Policy Update (PDF, 116 kb)

Land Management Plan Update (PDF, 242 kb)

Bear Creek Dam Update (PDF, 162 kb)

Wolf Creek Dam Update

Recommendations (PDF, 69 kb)
RRSC advice on drought management and communications

Questions for discussion (PDF, 44 kb)


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